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Slap Happy

Hillary didn't get an invitation to the party. Let the pouting begin.
"It's a slap in the face, not personally for Hillary Clinton, but for every woman in the Democratic Party and every woman in America," said Judith Hope, a major party fund-raiser.
Every woman in America. Every. I've just been slapped in the face! Ow, that hurt! I'm not quite sure why I should have to feel the righteous indignation of a thousand screeching Hillary fans, but that handprint on my cheek isn't fading and I suppose I better do something about it. FAD suggests running naked through the streets in protest. But in the "give an inch, they take a mile" spirit, I'm afraid to bare my ass, as they might slap that as well. Who knows, maybe they won't let Nancy Pelosi speak. Or Patty Murray. Then I'll be slapped all over again and sorry, my ass only gets slapped by certain people. So no naked protesting. Instead, I'm going to open my office window and scream as loud as I can "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" Maybe it will catch on and before you know it, there will thousands, no millions of women opening up their windows and screaming in that shrill, high-decibel Hillary voice. It will be a movement. A call to action. We'll all put red marks on our faces and wear pins that say "When you slap Hillary, you slap me!" Errr...can someone else go ahead and get this started? I have to ummm....wash my hair. Go ahead, I'll catch up.


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Puhleeze. Hillary DOESN'T WANT to speak (or she's itching for more pub). Hope was her quasi spokeswoman when Hillary ran for Senator. This whole thing is a scam.

Something smells rotten in Chappaqua...

Oh, please. Both those nutpigs (Bill & Billary) will be on that podium during the DNC. The fight will be over who goes last and whose speech will be the best. And let me say, if one or both of them aren't up there at some point, someone's gonna die.

I suppose I'm the only one here who read the sentence "It will be a movement." and immediately started hearing Arlo Guthrie in my head...

Dang. SlapHillary.com is down :|

and I guess SlapMichelesAss.com is not forthcoming

And she was being lucid for a moment when she condemned the ICJ's ruling against the Separation Barrier.

Oh well. A slap will fix that.

Meanwhile, many Republicans (especially Bill Safire) remained convinced that Hillary is gunning for the Presidency. What a load of crap. the only dynasty of the executive we need to worry about is a Bush dynasty (i.e., Jeb in 2008).

OOOOO. New conspiracy theory Brad? Or just meme-ing again?

Hillary Clinton is the Democrat's version of Newt Gingrich. Her negatives are just too high - while some neanderthals undoubtedly dislike her just because whe's a woman who doesn't know "her place", her imperious and condescending manner is a major factor. If she ever gets nominated for President, she'll lose in a landslide. Hillary can help rally the base, but that's all. The Democrats would be wise to keep her out of the convention limelight, imo.

Of course Hillary would like to be president. Every ambitious senator would, and she's one who has a realistic chance of getting nominated. I don't think it's at all slanderous to aknowledge that.

It's not new (see Kevin Phillips's book). Nor is it a conspiracy, really. Jeb will almost certainly run in 2008, and that would make him Bush #3. That qualifies as a dynasty, I would think.

Yeah, who does the Bush family think they are, the Kennedys? Everyone knows that America can only have one royal family! /sarcasm

Gag. Choke. Puke.

Jeb does not strike me as a particularly viable candidate, which is why that I wish Cheney would step down in favor of someone who might actually run in 2008--I don't particularly dislike Cheney, but he can do the elder advisor thing without being VP, and he's blocking off the Republican farm system by being there.

Nor is it a conspiracy, really. Jeb will almost certainly run in 2008, and that would make him Bush #3. That qualifies as a dynasty, I would think.

The Islanders had to win four Stanley Cups before they were allowed to be called a dynasty. So we'll just wait for Jenna to run before we go with that, ok?

Also, the next person who leaves their entire comment as a link gets banned. It's overkill, dude.

Oh, and Ed? Dumbest. Comment. Ever.

Hey, Michele, when you finish washing your hair could you bake a batch of cookies?

Michele, Jenna? Nah, George P. maybe.

BTW, I'd be interested in your opinions of the "who's hotter" contest over at Kevin's Wizbang blog.

Good. I hate that carpet-bagging bitch.

Oops. Did I say that out loud?

Faith, you go girl

I can't quite put my finger on why I react so negatively to Ms. Rodham ... oh I have a long list of specifics...but I seem to react viserally to her along the same lines as my reaction of Martha Stewart.

There is just this certain conceit that oozes from these two.

I think the Dem Natl Conv is honestly afraid that Hillary's shrieks would feedback through the sound system and explode the Fleet Center with a MOAB-like detonation that would leave only a deep blast crater.

This topic makes me want to have a movement.

I ALSO think the Dem Natl Conv is afraid Hillary would get to the podium and say ...

"I proudly accept the Democratic Party's Nomination for President of the United States."

If GW wins this fall and Jeb wins in 2008, then technically it would be 4 elections out of 6. I'd say that should be considered a dynasty. Viable or not on his credentials, I just can't see voting for someone named Jeb.

The whole Hilary thing. Feh... I liked Bill Clinton but never liked Hilary. I can see why she wouldn't get an invitation.

I guess SlapMichelesAss.com is not forthcoming

I'd be happy to start that page, if Michele would be kind enough to supply a photo...;)