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DNC Cred Update

Just heard from the DNCC - they've changed our perimiter credentials to hall credentials. Yet they still had no room for Bill. Update: Alan and I had a staff meeting and decided that he would go to Boston and I will cover New York. So if any Boston-going bloggers are trying to get together that week, contact Alan, not myself. Me, I'm still trying to figure out if anyone is coordinating blogger type things for New York. Like, drinking and making fun of protesters. As an aside, I think I fixed the disappearing text problem. Let me know if everything is copacetic now. The problem lies with background colors.


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This seems like some massive CYA after the fact. Bill's screwed 'cus he was the one that made it such a big issue in the blogosphere; they ain't gonna change their mind on his status.

Ants wiggling under the magnifying glass?

If you can pass on how you fixed the text problem, I know of a few other bloggers who need the same solution.....

Maybe they invited him before having a chance to view his blog. Prehaps they didnt feel he could be balanced in his reporting.

Uh, Drew, keep up with the rest of us on this issue. If they DID do what you said, then you're saying DNCC is lying to Bill and the rest of the us... Hey, maybe you are right!

If you fixed the text problem, take a look at Command Post. I have the same problem there. BoingBoing, too.

If you can't take me to the convention, I want in on the drinks afterward. ;)

Err...I told everyone the party is at your place, hon.

We'll need to ask for Boris' permission for that.

YEAH! the problem appears to be fixed.... you rawk!

Havent been following the convention saga as much. They probably are lying about why they cancelled him.

My blogroll has a list of bloggers in NY and most of them are anti-idiotarian. I would be into helping plan a party.


Secret plans are in the works for Wednesday night...unless Cheney gets dumped from the ticket.

Do you have a comprehensive list of Bloggers going to the RNC?

Protest Warrior is planning a big op for the RNC.

I still don't know if I got credentialed, but I know Tacitus and a few others did. Tacitus and I are loosely planning to meet up. Please keep me in the loop about other NYC blogger plans so we can all get together.

BTW the NYC LGF fans are planning a brunch or dinner for this Sunday - email me for more info.

Aw, bummer, not coming to Boston? Ah well, I shall contact Alan and see what's what. Meanwhile, my brother will be working at the RNC convention, so I'll have to coordinate to have him find you and introduce himself. :)

Yeah, I've particularly had problems with block quotes at the Command Post.

Karol, Yehudit, Michele:

I didn't even think about asking for credentials for my blog, since I figured I don't have enough traffic, with only 100-200 visitors a day. But, I'm not even that concerned with actually being inside the convention itself, which just seems like a boring photo-op to me. I think it will be more interesting to see the stuff at the periphery: parties, making fun of protestors, seeing how nastily (or not) the Manhattanites are reacting etc. I'll definitely be there in some capacity, either just writing about it for my little blog, or possibly for something else, and would definitely be interested in any get-togethers/making fun of protesters etc. Also, very interested in seeing what Protest Warrior has planned.

I'd love to have a New York VRWC blogger party or cabal or drink or whatever, during the Convention or some other time.