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Go, Go...

I take back what I said about the 90's. The first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ROCKED. No, I am not kidding. Oh, and I apparently still have that crush on Chris Jericho.


That's funny. Want to know something funnier? There are about 3 or 4 people that go to my church who used to be Power Rangers. That's LA for ya.

The Ayatollah of Rocka Rolla had the coolest intro music when he was in the WCW. I havent wacthed wrestling in a few years, but he seems to be a regular on VH1's commentary shows (I love the x0's, best week evar, etc).

I wonder if he's still in Fozzie.

last night as i was drifting into sleep... i experienced a nightmare of epic proportions. A twisted episode of "Blossom".

I don't know... my favorite was always Dynaman on USA's Night Flight...

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Another surprising show was Land of the Lost.

I stumbled into it by accident one morning, waiting for something else, and was blown away by the complex (for a Saturday morning kid's show) story. The credits explained why: a Real Science Fiction Writer, David Gerrold, was the first-season story editor, and he solicited scripts from his Real Science Fiction Writer buddies, including heavyweights like Larry Niven. The second season was nowhere near as good, and I stopped watching.

But the first season did indeed rock.

We've been watching Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Dino Thunder on Toon Disney lately (they've got some "Action" time in the evenings). My daughters love it because of all the cool Rangers and everything, but I think it's fantastic because Tommy is back as a much older and wiser "Dr. Tommy Oliver," and gets to be the Black Ranger this time around.


Thank jeebus I get Toon Disney!

(Has had a crush on Tommy since the early days)

we came home from our general relativity and group theory courses to watch MMPR the first season, our last year as undergrads. it was the best part of our day. it made us so happy--how often do you get to watch old ultraman episodes?