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roger that

Good show, Clemens! Much more enjoyable than watching another round of I Love the 90's.


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Even the weanie armed Taco-Bell guy had a better night.

What's with the Clemens love fest? They stopped the game to hand him an award! There's no halftime in baseball. For making the game count, Fox and Selig are doing their best to not be serious about it.

I hate him, and loved the first inning to death, but the man deserves the award. There is no other player in the game as dedicated and disciplined as he is. He's one of the best players ever to play the game, without a doubt. I still hate him.

BTW, I called the game as 9-7 AL before the game. Looks like I should start betting these things :P

You know, one of the nice things about a catcher's mask is that it makes it difficult to notice that you're grinning like a maniac as your batterymate gets his ass handed to him. ]:-) Though I'm sure it didn't happen, the image of Crash Davis tipping Nuke's pitches to the opposing batters in "Bull Durham" inevitably came to mind.

Thought you'd enjoy that. In fact, between Giambi and Jeter I said: "Michele's gotta be loving this."
Wife: "Who?"
Me: "Michele."
Wife: "WHO?"
Me: "Michele. ASV."
Wife: "A blogger?"
Me: "Yeah."
Wife: "Oh."
Me: "She's from your stomping grounds."
Wife: "Long Island?"
Me: "Yeah."
Wife: "Oh."
I had to call up this joint on the laptop and hand it to her to watch the rest of the game in peace.

Sean, he got all the attention because he was MVP the last time the game was played in Houston, he plays for the Astros, he's a hometown boy, and he's going to Cooperstown. The league couldn't NOT acknowledge him; their marketing department would've committed mass seppuka.