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it's raining, it's pouring, this blog post is boring

Some days you have nothing to write about and some days, like today, there are too many things all clamoring for attention in your head. They make it hard to write when they scream en masse like that. I start a paragraph but Iraq gives way to the guy from Jeopardy which leads to the dream I had last night and all the while that thought about the Olympics is fighting for center stage with the half-written paragraph about raising teenagers, which is stomping on the Why I'm Voting Republican post that's been started and discarded eight times already. I need more than 7am to sort this stuff out. The rain has been relentless since yesterday and I think that's adding to my frustration. I'm a light sleeper, so the whole night was spent tossing and turning and trying to shut out the sound of a torrential downpour. Bolstered by sweeping winds, the rain made drumbeat noises as it lashed against the side of the pool, swishing noises as it whipped against the trees and then, as the ground couldn't keep up with the soaking, a thousand waterfalls formed as the puddles turned into small lakes which emptied over curbs and sidewalks and steps. Needless to say, I had to get up to go to the bathroom about five times during the night. In our old place, we had floods. The drainage systems was about 100 years old and because the apartment was half underground and half overground, whatever rainfall couldn't be held by the dirt seeped into our kitchen. The floods would occur only when there was abnormal amount of rainfall in a short time. But, as they say, weather happens. It takes a while to shake old habits off. So last night, my well-trained ears sent my brain the Too Much Rainfall Alert and I got up to check for floods, forgetting that we no longer live in that place and the new house is well equipped to deal with this weather. So a fitful night's sleep leads me to another gray, chilly and rainy day. I don't want to go out. I want to stay home in my pajamas, curl up on the couch and read Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man. Not gonna happen. Work is so busy this week that I'm going to have to turn down a (London based) CNN interview for Friday morning. I keep turning down these interview requests and, like Alan said to me in an email this morning, that's kind of silly given that I'm trying to a) become a World Famous Writer and b) help Command Post go big time. I have a fear of cameras, I suppose. It probably has to do with reconciling the image people have of me and the real thing. I'm not confident enough to face a tv audience. I imagine this scenario: I appear on CNN. A few bloggers see it. They all point and stare, then run to their blogs to report the news. Oh my god, did you see her? We've been misled! Not how we imagined her at all! And before you know it, the meme spreads through the blogosphere like wildfire and I'm the new version of the Elephant Man and the blog police drag me out of my house and stick me in a cage where little kids prod with me with sticks while I shout "But I'm a human being. I'm not a blogging animal!" Just wait. So far Faith and WindRider and all the other bloggers I've met have kept my secret safe, but once I get to the RNC convention, all bets are off. I give it two hours before Tim Blair does a major expose on The Hideous Creature of ASV. My dreams of bedding every male blogger and then writing a tell-all book about it will be crushed. I told you I wasn't ready to blog yet today. I really had just intended to do this for now - join Johnny B.'s little meme on what's on your bookshelf. Except I wasn't going to write the list out because I happen to have a picture (ok, it's from the old house, but the bookshelf in the new house looks like an exact replica of this pic). [click for browser-hog size] There. That's what's on my bookshelf, or at least part of it. And that's all I got this morning. At least I came up with a clever title.


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Heyyy, what's with all the Jets stickers?

Do you have any idea why some of the text lines on this site don't display completely for me unless I mouse over a link? On any given post, there are 2 or 3 lines where only the top half of the line displays. But if I mouse over a link, the page refreshes and the text displays normally. I only mention it because I've had the same experience on multiple computers but only on this site.

Secret? There's a secret? Damn, there goes my 'investigative journo' cred. Just damn.

I would submit, Michele, that few people would agree with you on the Hideous Creature of ASV. Every picture I've seen of you, damned few though they've been, have ranged from reasonably good looking to drop dead gorgeous.
It ain't too late to work on your self-image.

Mikey, I'm going to assume you're using IE. If so, there appears to be a bug in the way IE handles some CSS. It does the same thing for me.

I use IE when I have to, but am a total fan of Mozilla's Firefox now. You should give it a try.

Just another reason to drop IE. Firefox is quite good even as Beta.

1) Put a few more pictures of yourself up on your site. Put them on the main page.

2) Make a recording of yourself reading Green Eggs and Ham and put it on the site.

3) Wait for two weeks, then do all the TV interviews you want.

It won't bother you anymore.

RULE #7: Never turn down interviews.

Re: your notice. Do you really think that being a jerk is a right? The phrase "what's pleasurable is repeated and what's painful is avoided" keeps popping into my head and it seems to refer to "if mean spirited comments get posted, the writer will keep sending them. If they don't, that person find something else to tear up or disrupt (no, they won't be healed)". I enjoy your view of the world,on this and Command Post, but sometimes the dissent turns into screeching unbearable noise (a Sex Pistol 30-minute lead guitar solo at Billy Bob's in Houston) and I lose interest. By the way, I found you while looking for a CD by Michelle Shocked. The 2nd or 3rd hit, Michelle shocked by (whatever) led to you.

I have wicked problems with the text on this site, too... I HAVE to use IE at work, since it's the only approved browser... corporate and all that.

Anyway... "Predator vs. Judge Dredd"?? damn... sounds interesting. I used to read Dredd religiously a while back.

You're gorgeous, dahlink! No one listen to her.

OK first of all, you can't be too scary based on the pics I've seen (if you're chicken, you could always go on CNN with the Sox cap pulled over your face). Second of all, who's your competition as far as bloggers on TV? Pasty little Wonkster? Reynolds? Washingtoniwhore? When you look at the competition, now's the time to get on TV, before models and shit start blogging and hogging the airtime. It's your duty!

Wow, that's nearly my bookcase...

Ooo, are those Ragnarok books, as in based on the MMoRPG Ragnarok?

This is creeping me out! Are we long lost twins?! (Lucky for you, we're not, I guess)