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the course has been run

Ten minutes into VH1's I Love the 90's and it's already painfully obvious that the 90's were void of anything interesting.


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I think I watched Seinfeld maybe 5 times.

From what I read - the post-mortem (sp), it was a show about nothing.

Sums up the 90s. We partied like it was 1999.

In terms of advancing the culture, I would say that the explosion of the internet (and if I'm wrong on my timing--I know it started much earlier, I'm just talking the "household word" sort of thing) is about the only thing the 90s as culture had going for it.

With the singular exception of that millenial nonsense that accompanied the end of the 90s.

I would very much otherwise agree that the 90s was quite forgettable.

Some things I liked about the 90s:

Dropkick Murphys
Fight Club, book and movie
William Gibson & Neil Stephenson novels
The Ripoffs
the internet

It's just like the 70s. Everyone remembers disco, nobody remembers Stiff Little Fingers. (who are playing here next week!)

The crap always obscures the cool stuff.

Marion Barry.

give me a break.

Maybe this will finally put an end to this nonsense of declaring decades to be "about" something. Can't something ever happen without some sort of idiotic framing procedure to figure out how an event fits into the correct damn cultural slot?

Were the 60s about nothing but civil rights and hippies? The 70s were disco and gas shortages? Were the 80s spent ruminating on Ronald Reagan and John Hughes movies? I've avoided the 90s nostalgia, but I hope it goes beyond Nirvana and Oral Office references. And I don't care if it doesn't.

we had the same thought. We suffered through 1990 - but that's it. We are done with show. The 90's, at least as pop clture entertainment, sucked.

Those "I Love The - " shows have rapidly surpassed "annoying" and launched headfirst into "want to kill everyone appearing on them".

Can anyone even name more than one or two of the pseudo-celebs making all those smarmy comments? I mean, when not a one of them are even a tenth as recognizable as the fucking "Rico Suave" guy, should they really be so smug with the quips? Think about it, "guy from Ed who vaguely reminds me of Shemp".

Ironically, the 90s cover most of my years in Texas. I feel like I grew up there, but the interesting stuff didn't start happening until I moved to the D.C. area near the end of 1997. The preceding time was pure challenge and mental growth to prepare me for the interesting.


- The Simpsons
- I drank a lot

There ya go

The guy from 'Ed' is the one I'd most like to give a punch in the nuts, and I know that I'm not alone.

The problem with "I love the 90s" is that the 90s were only four years ago. It's ridiculous to get nostalgic about a time that's only barely in the recent past.

Personally, I think they should have divided things into half-decades. For example, the early 90s seemed a lot more like the late 80s than they did like the late 90s.

well then. that would explain why i don't remember much about them.

although i'm listening to Temple of the Dog right now and it's STILL a damn fine fucking album.

Temple of the Dog! YES! I pulled that album out a couple weeks and have been marveling at how well it has stood the test of time, unlike most everything by Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Other early '90s albums that still rock: Soundgarden's "Louder Than Love" and "Badmotorfinger", and The Smashing Pumpkins' "Gish" and "Siamese Dream".

It reminded me why I drank so much in college, that's for certain!

I was raising my very small kids then so the only things I remember (music was only Disney crap and "baby songs") are the sheer joy that Seinfeld (yes, it did!) and Mystery Science Theatre brought me. And the occasional Letterman top 10 list while diaper changing and feeding hopefully for the last time for 4 hours.
That and the evening we sat and watched the live freeway chase of OJ up to LA.

Gotta love that blur of the pre- 5 year old world of having kids. I have no clue what real music there was except for the Macarena.
I am so pathetic!

There should be a rule: no nostalgia shows until fifteen years later.

I knew the series was over when "I Love the 70s" debuted. Nobody loved the 70s.

I just got word from VH-1's production offices that they've already started taping "I Love Last Month" and "I Love Ten Minutes Ago." Once a few advancements are made in string theory towards solving the gauge hierarchy problem, "I Love Next Tuesday" will be next in the production pipeline. Of course, these will all pale in comparison to my amateur film "I Love Kicking Michael Ian Black In The Balls."

I don't think the 90's were any more boring than the other decades. I agree with the posters who say nostalgia shows are no good unless some time has passed after the fact. That is why I liked the I Love the 70's show: enough time has passed so I have forgotten enough to have those "oh yeah, I remember that" moments.

This is what I wrote on the subject.

Unfortunately, my wife gloms onto ANYTHING on MTV or VH1 that I hate -- The Veal World, Road Drools, those stupid Challenge shows, Made, etc... and the shows I do like, like Pimp My Ride, she only watches with me on sufferance.

I agree with TC-Leatherpenguin. Although, really, if you give me until 2007, I might be properly nostalgic.

Contra Kevin Parrot above I love all of those VH1 talking-head shows, precisely because the "celebs" are so C-List. It's just an extension of the kind of pop cultural talk and riffing you'd do with your friends. Like "What was up with such and such", and it's fun.

That said, "I Love the 90's" has not worked for me so far and the simple reason is that everyone is being too damn positive. Perhaps because they are too close to that pop culture, aside from Trey Parker who's been great, they're not willing to be mean enough.

Whoever said it's too soon, It's not too son. I fully remember 80's nostalgia/music compilations etc. etc. existing well before 1994. Since everything moves so much faster now, the real question is why this took so long.

No modern day C-list celebrity pairing can even breathe the same air as Skip Stevenson and Sarah Purcell.

In that one sad criteria, the 70s ruled.

The anti-grunger that I am, I have to agree Temple of the Dog was a damn fine album.

VH1 already does an "I Love Last Week" show. It's called "Best Week Ever," and it's nothing but a bunch of C-list celebrities playing "I'm soooo ironic, much more ironic than you" for half an hour.

{Something} and the C-List Celebrities would be a good name for a rock band, by the way.

other 90's good'uns...

- Superunknown
- jar of flies
- Psalm 69