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pick and choose

Reading your old writings is an exercise in courage. I was all excited about putting this book together, so I started going back through my Raising Hell archives to pull out some of the finer posts. I scrolled through for an hour. It's very hard to be subjective when you read your own writing. You tend to think everything sucks. So I made this site and posted some of the posts that I remember getting decent comments on. I started with the funny stuff, later on I'll add the more serious essays. There's five or six posts there to start with. And now, a favor. I'd like some feedback from you, the people who would ostensibly be buying the book. Just a simple answer to the question, should I include this post in my proposal/book? Or, whatever. It's really hard to judge your own stuff. I like the word stuff too much. But it is all purpose. Comments are open here, or you could leave them here if you wish. Oh, obviously I'm going with the Don't Pee in the Millenium Falcon title.


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Michele, this is very, very good stuff. You have a real talent for this sort of storytelling. And many of the experiences and situations are universal enough to allow such a book to have broad appeal. Commercial success for a new author is always a question mark, but even if you don't end up on the NT Times Best Seller List, you'll still have us. ;-)

Um, okay, I guess I'm not much of a critical critic, but my vote would be to use all of them.

And yes, I would buy the book. And I would like a signed copy. I'm willing to perform certain...er...services for it.

I'd buy the book for sure. Hell, forget about services, I'd pay a little extra for a signed first edition. These are great stories well told.

You'd be hard-pressed to top that for a title.

Hi Michele. I stop by your site nearly every day because I feel the kindred spirit thing. I have a 14 year old boy and two girls, 9 and 6. They are so funny sometimes that, if I could write like you, I would blog them to death.

It's all good, except maybe the ordering at Burger King thing. A little too wacky I think.

Thanks, see ya.