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Notice to My Neighbors (and maybe yours)

It's July 10th. Let the firecracker thing go, already. Please.


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Yeah, I got the same thing going on here.

Maybe they're French, and they're celebrating Bastille Day early.

Jeez, Michele, give 'em a break. It's July 11th and Bastille Day is just around the corner (14 July). It is the 225th anniversary... is there a name for that? How do you know there's not a large number of patriotic French in your neighborhood?

Shoot all your works one night only? You didn't eat all your Halloween candy in one night did you. I commend them; sounds like delayed gratification--very mature.

Damn... spend a whole 7 minutes creating a weak-ass joke and get beaten to the punch by someone without "nuance" (I hate you jon!!)

Hear hear, Michele

They started in my neck of the woods about 10 days before July 4th and I'm still hearing everything from those strings of crackers to Picolo Petes.

And I wish they'd knock off the bottle rockets too .. this is the second day of 95+ degrees/low humidity weather.

Wow, they do that in the north too?

Same thing is going on here. I think they must have waited for the half of sale to buy their firecrackers.

JFH - Quasquibicentennial

I don't know if that's how the french say it.

Party pooper....

Wow this is lame. I mean really reallly realllllllllllllllllllly lame


I love fireworks.

I don't love packing to evacuate when half of So. California is on fire.

It gets pretty dry up in Nor Cal too.Had my house catch on fire 3 years ago from a bottle rocket landing in some leaves.

lol, same thing going on here...

here too, but I have a solution. Six full super-soakers, cammies, and the Will. Load em up in the bike basket and patrol the neighborhood, just like last year. I will indeed poop on any party that involves fireworks, starting on the 5th.

But this year, at a new house, we had most of Portland parading down our street to watch the fireworks show at Oak's Bottom.
I sat on my porch with my biggest soaker, a six-pack and a scowl.

Stop crushing my dissent, you neocon ShrubCo apologist!!!!111!11!1!!@11

Extend the notice to all of Long Island please

South Texas has some of the same. But to the credit of a couple teens, It seems that each time I am on this new horse they set off some small or large devise. I am flinching more than the horse now. At least I have stopped low-crawling to the nearest ravine.