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Tales From the (linked by Kerry) Democratic Underground

Post on DU today: California man killed in Iraq after losing 150 pounds to enlist bq. (from article) When Justin Hunt initially tried to join the Marines, the recruiters didn't have a scale that could weigh him.
Instead, they estimated the hulking athlete just two years out of high school was more than 150 pounds too heavy to join the service.
Hunt didn't let that stop him. He worked out, changed his diet and shed the pounds so he could enlist. Comments at DU: * Sounds like his motivation for weight loss was a death wish. the case could be made, I think. Stranger things have happened. * Sorry, but IMO, this just improved the gene pool. * Sounds like the poor kid was trying to please *somebody*... "Hey look, Mom, Dad, everybody, I'm thin, I'm a patriot, I'm a Christian, and I'm a soldier. *Now* am I okay?" * Because they are KILLERS Bums and Bullies . I knew guys like that in the service who loved to KILL, and loved to hunt other human beings. They are always with us. Between wars some of them assume the mantra of serial killers. Just buy or rent Platoon or Full Metal Jacket, to see a few examples. Reading through the comments, you get the overall sense (excepting one post by a newcomer who took the gloating person to task) of the DUers thinking that this young man, who enlisted freely, must be dumb, joined the army to just to kill people and he was a religious zealot. May I take this time to remind you that the Kerry for President official site still links to Democratic Underground? Why?


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Just buy or rent Platoon or Full Metal Jacket, to see a few examples.

This guy recommends an Oliver Stone film as if it were a documentary? Why not "The Big Lebowski", which at least offers a fascinating look at bowling, abstract art, and the porn industry? As well as the fact that "The bums lost." The Dude abides.

It must be difficult to sit at a computer in Mom's basement and read about someone who, through strong dedication and commitment, changed his life for the better and is now able to make a positive contribution to his country and the world. Grab another fistful of nachos off the top of that stack of Playboys, and fire off another hate-filled screed to your fellow DUmmies, who stroke themselves as they enjoy pretending that they're fat and hateful enough to be the next Michael Moore.

"Between wars some of them assume the mantra of serial killers. Just buy or rent Platoon or Full Metal Jacket, to see a few examples."

Also, if a radioactive insect bites you, you will turn into a human with special insect powers.

Why? Because they know the media won't call them on it. You should read some of the hate-filled comments on Kerry's official blog. I can always get some material for Kerry Haters over there, especially when Nuancy Boy says something about Israel.

I remember reading about this guy when he first was able to enlist. It's a shame to lose someone with that kind of willpower and dedication.

DU: strength is weakness, dedication is sickness.

Between wars some of them assume the mantra of serial killers.

What is the mantra of serial killers? "OhmmMyGod I want to KILL! KILL! KILL!"?

Coming of age during the Vietnam era, I recall vividly the incoherent rage at the US military, right down to each individual solidier. Couple that hatred of everything/everyone military, with the political movement to end the draft ("if boys aren't forced into slavery and turned into murderers, there'd be no more wars!)

Well, the draft ended. The military became all volunteer and more professional. But as you see, it certainly doesn't satisfy the Leftists that hate the US military (while they cheer the Iraq "insurgents" or Palestinian "militants" to ever more bloodletting) ... but how to counter a military force made up of people who wanted to join?! Well, of course, now portray them either as forced to join because they "had no other choice", or they joined because they are psychopathic murderers now with a "legal outlet."

IMHO Kerry links to the DU for the same reason he comes out supporting all sides (even directly contradictory ones ) of all issues. These are his people, who share the dogma he preached when he came back from his four months in Vietnam and stood before the American people and declared his fellow soldiers and officers "war criminals." The DU is Kerry's "street creds", even as he plays the "decorated war hero" on the stump to middle America.

Which is just another reason why I will not trust him on Israel either.

Just remember, though, that it's not fair to question the DU posters' patriotism. Heck, they support our troops [supress giggles, bite lip, put on serious face] they just want them to come home safe.

As a lefty, I cringe whenever I hear the leftist mythology regarding the draft. Some think that a draft provided cannon fodder for an unpopular war. It can't be argued that many draftees went there. But the draft didn't make the war, politicians did.

But in the age of a volunteer army, the leftist mythology seems to be a sort of "they deserve it" mentality when the military is sent into unpopular (to these leftists) situations. Again, the soldiers didn't make the war.

In either case, the government uses the available resources to pursue its military goals. And in both cases, the leftists who attack soldiers (usually in a non-physical manner) are no one I wish to be politically aligned with. Because they are wrong.

The commenting cranks on the Democratic Underground are the left's version of the dolts commenting on Little Green Footballs (conspiratorial racist morons come in all political stripes, even Nader Green). I can't say why Kerry's website would link to such garbage, and I hope it will stop.


Excuse me while I take umbrage with your slander of LGF. Commenters there are attacking the ideology of Islamofascism. They are no more "racist" than a person attacking Nazism is anti-German.

Your charge is the same sort of twisted moral equivalency that happens when a person points out the dangers of Islamism and its suicide bombers, beheaders, etc and a leftist says "well, yeah, but it's no different than intolerance of fundie Xtians and orthodox Jews!"


After going to Kerry and Bush's sites, Kerry's is more like a blog (it calls itself a blog) while Bush's is more like a commercial site. Bush's (georgewbush.com) only has links to places to get his info, while Kerry's links to many lefty blogs and a number of unofficial sites.

Sounds like Bush is still a control freak, while Kerry is a man of the people (and the crazies).

When I throw a party at my home, I invite people I want to socialize with and I don't tolerate uninvited crashers who try to steal the booze and pee in the gardenias.

Call me a "control freak" but I'm funny about my home that way.

The commenters on LGF can take umbrage with Islamism without calling for nuclear annihilation, racist statements that "they" must be exterminated, and such. But that's what they do, and they are scum because of it. If it is slander to call racist idiots racist idiots, then so be it.

We can be better than that. We are people of principle, not of some sort of racial or religious purity. Luckily, our idiots don't drag us down. We are the people who put our Japanese citizens in camps during WWII while letting our forces in Europe be led by the greatest German general of his time (and made him President soon thereafter). Nazism was an ideology, not a race. Terrorism and Islamisms are ideologies, not races.

But the LGF folk would rather just go after them damn A-rabs and ragheads. I take umbrage with their stupidity.

Oh? ALL the commenters on LGF call for nuclear annihilation? Hmmm... since I comment there alot, I must be suffering some serious senior moments because I don't remember ever posting such a sentiment like that.

Sure there have been one or two (and the site gets in excess of 30K visitors a day and comment threads run between 100-400 posts) flaming trolls with such sentiments, who are usually and forcefully dismissed by the regulars.

But hey! LGFers are pro-Israel/pro-America and react strongly to the targeting of Jews and Americans for publically declared annihiliation by Hamas, Fatah, Al Asqa, Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, Arafat, et al.... hell, that MUST mean we are racist, cuz everyone knows only Zionists and Americans are racists in whatever they do, even self-defense.

And, wtf is your babbling alternative universe history in the second paragraph?

I didn't say they all were that way, only the most egregious idiots stand out. I've only looked at Democratic Underground a few times, but was bored with the comments. I bet I could find a sane voice there, but I don't like wallowing in filth.

Eisenhower was the guy who became President in the "alternative universe" I alluded to. Maybe he became Dewey's Veep in yours, but I know not to speak for you.

We need a special site for items and text like this. I'm thinking...


Well, okay, I'm done thinking and just registered it at godaddy.com

I'm willing to, once the name cycles through,
put up a simple WEBSITE OF RECORD and give accounts to a number of people who might want to keep up with this sort of thing done by, for, and in John Kerry's name.

A central clearing house to catalog the rising moonbat hate and the rising tide of whacko statements in the name of John Kerry.

What do you folks think.

Replies here or to gvdl@cox.net.

Eisenhower was an American born in Texas, not your weirdness of a "German general leading our forces" in an effort innuendo your way, ala Mike al-Moor, to demonstrating us nasty racist Americans imprisoning on merely racial grounds The Oriental, while "letting" a Aryan homie lead "our" forces.

Naw, nothing racist 'bout your posting, eh?

BTW he graduated second from the bottom from West Point. Militarily speaking, the most brilliant of military generals was MacArthur (same WP class, #1 grad in the class with a hell of a lot of room between him and #2).

and jon

What don't you get, by your own admission, one or two trolls at LGF, while there may be only one or two SANE posters at DU

and then you posit the sites are the same?

Jaysus on a Pony.

I'm trying to remember the last time a thread wasn't derailed.

I can't.

I mentioned how racist it was to put the Japanese citizens in camps, only I used the term "stupid".

And Eisenhower was German in the same way that those imprisoned people were Japanese. I guess if I point that out, I'm resorting to some sort of racism. If anyone from LGF is reading this, my hood size is 7 and a three-quarters.

apologies Michele

It's kinda like live conversations, taking on tangential issues.

I offered my opinion on why I believe Kerry links to DU, I'll leave it at that.


I can't speak to exact quantities and qualities, but both are filled with crap. I think DU has more crap, since there is a registration involved (meaning it's stewing in its own self-selected filth).

And sorry, Michele, for the derailment. I'll try to put this train back on course: I found Bush's official campaign blog, and Rick Santorum was a guest blogger. I'm sure he's representative of exactly the message Bush wants out there, which is why he's got that prime time speaking role during the convention.


I think they linked to DU cause they're link-whoring. They just want the links from other blogs... trying to get readership up...

I mean, who reads campaign blog crap? It's so damned boring.

I'm not one for reducing the WoT to left/right banalities, but it does not serve John Kerry well to have any connection to these raving jackasses. I understand that he couldn't link to a site if his life depended on it, but someone at DNC/Kerry HQ has to have a sense of what the market will bear.

the marketplace will not bear DU; ergo, linking to them is beyond asinine.

Jon--you are a smart and apparently pragmatic Dem, we need more of you in these parts, and on the Nat'l stage, to keep us all honest. Keep up your solid posts, my man. That said, may I say that you are in over your head re: LGF. There are some knuckleheads there, but no one on the net provides a public service like Charles Johnson does, except for maybe the guys at MEMRI.

I love you, Darleen.

The comments and attitudes of those on the Democratic Underground that are saying bad things about the military members of this country is starting to smell like Vietnam all over again.

The hate that these people are extending to our service members is just their ongoing frustration with the politics of the day. We all need to be thankful that these individuals are out there doing what they are doing so that these idiots at the democratic underground can sleep well at night and have the freedom to say what they want to say.

This Poem is appropriate and probably should go further

It is the soldier, not the reporter,Who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the soldier, not the poet,Who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the soldier, not the campus organizer,Who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.
It is the soldier, not the lawyer,Who has given us a right to a fair trial.
It is the soldier, like , who salutes the flag,
Who serves under the flag, And whose coffin is draped by the flag.

I can't remember either Michele.

But Brainster pretty much answered the question way up high, Kerry won't disavow it because the 4th estate won't call him on it.

Uh, guys, Jon has just done his intended task - to come along and deflect everyone from the issue - which is not whether or not LGF is good or bad, but why in hell John Kerry links to the treasonous hate-mongers of DU...

Why does Michele? I think Kerry's site's link to DU isn't a good thing, but a link isn't exactly an endorsement of anything. A link is a way to read more stuff. I followed some of his page's links and was largely unimpressed (New Jersey nurses for Kerry? Teens for Kerry? Not impressive.)

Kerry is trying to give his party a big tent. Unfortunately, a big tent attracts many clowns. It's a risky strategy, or an organizational mess. I'm leaning for the latter. Bush, on the other hand, seems to be putting on a medicine show with his site: controlled content, highlight the attractive members of the party, hide the hideous freaks DeLay and Santorum behind the curtain (pay a dollar and you get to stare at them, however).

And Rod's right: LGF is a pretty good site (as is MEMRI). The comments suck, however.

Hey Michelle
Hey Darleen

You have no clue re: LGF. Anybody who spent even a little time reading the comments would see that any "nuke the A-Rab posters" are 1. Generally not tolerated for any period of time and 2. Outnumbered by a factor of something like 100 to 1 by the regulars. With the exception of 3 to 5 people, only 2 or 3 of whom are long term regulars (out of a very large and active group), LGF has as good a set of center-right to center-left posters as any site on the net.

Sorry about contributing to the derailment. As for Kerry, I've written to his campaign about the link. hey don't care. That's their base.

Jheka, leave me out of this. I never said anything about LGF in this thread.

Michele, he was directing the bitch-slapping at Jon. He was just waving 'hi' to Darleen and you. g

As another LGF regular reader, I'd like to associate myself with all the comments defending Charles Johnson, for they are all true and accurate in every particular.

Now, back to the main topic:

The people at DU are frothing at the mouth loony-tunes, and Kerry's webmaster should no more be linking to them than he should be linking to Al Qaeda's website. Seriously, you can't tell the difference between some of the people at DU and the propagandists for Hamas... or the former Iraqi Information Minister.


What Chuckg said. I was just saying hello to you and Darleen. You know, just being civil and acknowledging people that I like before launching into commentary. Sorry if it wasn't clear.

"I knew guys like that in the service who loved to KILL, and loved to hunt other human beings. "

Man, how is it that only DU-posters know those guys? Nobody I know who's served is like that, and neither is anyone who I read online who is or has been in the service.

Of course, maybe DU-guy just knows a bunch of liars who were never in or got kicked out for being, er, undisciplined brutes? Any idiot can say he was in, and any asshole can talk a big line about being a super-sniper-killer-spec-ops-dude.

But they'll still be lying.

Now, I suppose there must be some (small) number of such people actually in the armed forces... but isn't it odd how only posters on DU seem to know them? The few times I recall (vaguely - perhaps I'm thinking of some other source) people like Sgt. Stryker talk about such people, it was with nothing but derision and contempt, since such people are incompatible with the ideals, goals, and proper function of the US armed forces.

"Militarily speaking, the most brilliant of military generals was MacArthur (same WP class, #1 grad in the class with a hell of a lot of room between him and #2)."


This explains your dislike for Truman. Academically speaking, MacArthur was the most brilliant. Militarily speaking, Patton was the most brilliant.

Regarding the topic at hand, the Kerry site links to DU because those are the foot soldiers in the war on Bush. Kerry's campaign needs their rightheous anger because their candidate has all the incandescence of a lit cigarette.

The only bright side to Kerry getting elected will be watching the DUnderheads turn on him once they remember he's not Howard Dean.