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scratching the itch

Made it through mom's retirement party. She was definitely surprised - so much so that it took her a minute or two to figure out what the party was for. The party went well, we had way too much food on hand as always and I enjoyed a smorgasbord of liquor today, which is always a big mistake. I am completely wiped out, so I'll deal with the results of the movie poll tomorrow. I leave you with my favorite photograph of the day - my nephew in a rather striking pose. Which I will show to a future girlfriend of his some day. Or maybe I'll use it to make a statement when my comments get out of hand.
Typical guy.


That picture will be invaluable as future blackmail fodder. You've years of lawn mowing and rain gutter cleaning ahead.


yep, typical guy thing there!

LOL! Priceless, Michele! And good show on pulling off a successful party!


Save the pic. Someday you will find a use for it when he's an arrogant teenager.

I'm off topic here I know but I am looking for a guest/partner for my blog. Please let me know if you have any tips and if anyone here is interested let me know as well.

I guess everone's parents has an embarrassing picture of him/her. Mine have a picture of me with my finger up my nose almost to the second knuckle. Fortunately they don't have a picture of what I did with what I found in there.

Definitely a Kodak moment. LOL

Do "typical" girls never have an itch there? Or is there some female gene that keeps them from scratching an itch? Or (more likely) a female gene that keeps them from getting caught at it? Or (most likely) a female gene that keeps mothers from embarrassing daughters in public?

sorry, but my sexism sensors needed scratching this morning, after reading Larry Miller's excellent article "I could If I Were French".


Everyone knows the female is more discrete. It's not sexist to suggest that women are far more pure and are completely clear of anything unsavory or distasteful. It's just a solid scientific fact.

On a completely unrelated note, I fart about twice as often when my wife is in the room. Strange, no?

Hey...when a Man's gotta scratch...a Man's gotta scratch! Here is a man secure in his manhood! Give this man a Be...uh...sippie cup of juice!

spectacular pic and he should be afraid...VERY afraid. My parents have an old super8 movie cartridge of me, fresh out of the bath tub, running around the house as God intended. The evening after I announced to them that I was engaged they invited my fiance' and me to the house for dinner. You can guess what the entertain was...