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Poll Time: Best Movie of the 90's

Took me a while, but I finally got around to gathering your nominations for Best Movie of the 90's. Remember: If you didn't make any nominations you have no right to bitch about the final nominees. Most of my faves did not make it into the top ten. They would include, but are not limited to, Army of Darkness, True Romance, Boondock Saints, The Professional and any Tim Burton movie. Just for starters. However, I do like most of the movies listed in the poll and I think most of you can figure out which one I'm going to vote for. (Hint, look at the tagline of the blog) Poll is below. Hopefully it won't slow down the loading time of the site. I'll be out most of the day and night (today is mom's suprise party), so you're on your own. Polling closes at midnight. New category coming up later in the morning. Bonus question: Take a wild guess as to what my least favorite movie of the 90's is.
*Polling has ended. Results will be posted Sunday afternoon*


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My guess: Forrest Gump.

Ha, Laurence. Very good guess.

Didn't even have to check the archives. Listing Shawshank and not Gump was a dead giveaway. Both were up for Best Picture the same year, and Shawkshank lost. I think that's what sent Tim Robbins from the deep end to the Marianas Trench of leftist moonbattery.

That was also the year I grew up and stopped giving a crap about the Oscars. Well, aside from a moment where I reveled in Disney's defeat by Katzenberg's Shrek.

It's no epic drama and probably didn't win one award, but I've watched Office Space more times than any of the others. Cube life, boiled down to its essentials. Love it and always will.

I must have completely missed what made "Clerks" a good movie, much less a great movie. Bad acting, bad dialogue, and bad production is what I thought I saw.

37 dicks? ;-)

Clerks certainly isn't everybody's cup of tea. The reasons you list for hating it are the reasons why I like it. It's rough around the edges and raw, but that's what is so funny and charming about it.

It proves you don't need to spend a butt load of money to to make a good movie. According to IMDB, the total sum of $50,000 to make Clerks is how much each SECOND of Titanic cost. Something to think about...

Big Lebowski
Fight Club
Brain Candy (Kids in the Hall)
Gross Pointe Blank
Rosencrantz and Gildenstern Are Dead
Tromeo and Juliet

'Shawshank' and any movie that fucks up a good book are waaaay up on my list of movies to hate. I liked Forrest Gump, though.

I thought your least favorite of the '90s was Kazaam.

I know you said no complaints but this list is an exhibition of what happens when amateurs take over. Drop Toy Story, Usual Suspects, Clerks and Office Space. Add American Beauty, Boogie Nights, Saving Private Ryan and Shakespere in Love. In the future, just go see the films and let the professionals handle such things as rankings and awards.

well geez, movie professional, just when did this blog become anything but amateurs giving their opinion? i personally resent a 'professional' telling me what i will like; i can still make up my own mind!

I thought Movie Professional's post was pretty funny. Sucky picks though.
I think you should have at least a few categories because of the size of the potential selections. Mainly because a comedy is never selected as a best anything and I like to know what makes people laugh.

Schindler's List is better than all the other finalists combined. It is a historic movie, ranking among the best of all time.

I voted for Shawshank but would have voted for Gump had it been available. Of course, I consider movies a vastly overrated form of entertainment, so my opinion about the best is probably fairly worthless.

I would nominate Braveheart. Freedom is a cause worth dying for.


Over already??? Crap, I was camping all wekend.