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This Could Be The End of a Long Relationship

No less than three people emailed while I was out today to let me know that there are rumors circulating that the Yankees are looking to get Roger Clemens back. Excuse me while my stomach turns... Ok. I am announcing right here, right now, in full public view that if Roger Clemens ever again plays for the Yankkes, I am done. DONE. I will bid farewell to my life-long relationship with the New York Yankees. Just the fact that they are even thinking about it is making me clench my teeth. Curse you, Roger Clemens. You will rue the day you put on those pinstripes again! Do you hear me? I said RUE!


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What?? I heard that the Sox were thinking of bringing him back in a trade for Nomar.

Never in my life have I wanted a trade to happen more....


just kidding Michele, I just think the world would be better with fewer yankees' fans

Should be fun watching Piazza catch for him Tues. Hope TV gets a close shot of what fingers he uses to give signs.

Ain't gonna happen. We'll run him over with the Danger Tain to keep him here if we have to.

Michele, he's the prize behind door number two. If they sign the big Unit, Clemens will never end up in pinstripes again. (But if somehow he does, would a good dose of public flogging at the corner of 161 and River change your mind? We could strap him to the bat out front and let everybody take one good whack.)

Not going to happen.
They could use some pitching however.
I wonder what Gooden is doing these days.

Cheer up, hun :-) reportedly the Unit has declared that he would dump his no-trade clause to get himself onto "a contender" team ...

P.S. Starhawk, you'd better put a disclaimer on your blog declaring yourself not to be THAT OTHER Starhawk ...

Is there some rule that says that one has to be a fan of the current year's team?

I don't know, after the 'Strohs win the WS, it'd be kind of a letdown for Clemens to go back to the Yankees...

Of course, should we have a Houston/NewYork match-up, I'm pretty sure Roger will only pitch at home :)

It will never happen, just trust me on this one.

Ain't gonna happen. Houston would be nuts to trade Roger. He's the only good thing happening for the Astros this season and puts at least an extra 3000 butts in the seats every home start.

The Houston GM stated in this morning's Houston Chronicle that the rumors are ridiculous and that there's nothing to them.

Don't worry about it.

"RUE!" ...

You almost quoted Stewie there...

"So start rueing!"

Come on, join the dark side and become a Mets fan. You know deep down inside you love them. ;)

The Stewie channeling was intentional. :0

Jeff: Never.

Ah, the hot stove league comes early.

OK, first, the Yankees are possibly my least favorite team in baseball. The reasons are entirely irrational, as (I would assert) are the reasons anyone likes any team.

It's not usually a question of morality. Usually more a question of imprinting.

That said, I'm not a big fan of Roger Clemens ever since the Piazza episodes. Be that as it may, the only reason the Yankees would want him back is because George Steinbrenner would want him. And, if George wants him, it's not usually a dumb idea.

Steinbrenner (again, not a favorite) is an excellent judge of talent, and he has that one other quality that sets him apart from many owners: He will spend his money to field a winner.

A lot of it.

THAT I respect.

And Clemens ability and desire, quite apart from his temperament (plus the entirely professional way he keeps himself in shape for his job), THAT I respect.

I won't like or hate them more or less than I do now if they do join back up. But, if it does, it will be a rejoining of two people who WANT TO WIN, and are willing to SACRIFICE TO DO IT. The first money, the second his time, effort, and spirit (to stay in shape, and to care about his job).

That wouldn't be a bad object lesson, would it?

All you Yankee haters just drop the bat: We still do Old Timers Day better than any team on the planet. Most of you guys don't even try. It's gotten to the point we gotta play ourselves.

And today we do!
which features:
Thurman's kid proposes to his sweetie in front of his father's spot in Monument Park.
His momma throwing out the first pitch.

Oh, and a huge hunk of Cooperstown.

Michele, if some knucklehead like Clemens is your median, then give all your Munson stuff away.
He lived with Reggie. You can live with Second Coming of _____ .

Michele, you want me to check with Drayton? He lives a couple of miles from here.

When Drayton McLane Jr. bought the Astros, all the sports media types started calling up trying to find out something about this mystery businessman from central Texas. Well, he's lived here and in Cameron Texas for 40 years, his phone number is still in the phone book. So was his dad's, Drayton Sr., who was not in good health, about 87 as I recall.

So this guy from ESPN calls his dad's house mistakenly, and the nurse answers...and he asks "can I talk to Mr. McLane"? Well she says he's taking his nap right now, and we don't want to disturb him. So he says "well, when will he wake up"? and she says "these days it's hard to predict...sometimes it's just an hour or so and sometimes it's all day".

The guy presses "well can't you wake him up"?

She says "oh no, we don't want to do that. He's very confused if we wake him up too soon".

it would ALMOST be worth seeing him in pinstripes again to see you renounce them once and for all.

However, your renounciation wouldn't last and we all know it.

Clemens is a WINNER. Like him or hate him (yes, please!), he plays to win. He approaches every game like Michael Moore to a twinkie.... obsessively. He gives 100% (I HATE the term 110%, since it's impossible to give more than all of something!) and he wins. He's an asset to every team he plays for, both in terms of winning and in terms of putting asses in seats.

I miss him here in Boston and would open-armed welcome him back... because pitching like that isn't an every day occurance... and the first time he beats the Yanks, he'd be right back to the Boston idol he was when he first pitched here. Trust me.

I'd like to see it just to have ONE MFY fan choke. Nothing personal, though.

Note to Jim S: Clemens can choke on it. He dumped on the fans way too hard when he left. If he'd just bashed Duquette, maybe we'd still have a soft spot in our hearts for him.

Rajah "Blister" Clemens, ugh.