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Tip of the Day

When renting a tent for a party, it's best to just pay the fifty bucks and let the tent people put it up for you. Unless, of course, you enjoy people being impaled with tent poles, a husband threatening to drive a stake into his wife's heart or the sight of skin torn apart by a rope burn. Then you go right ahead and put up that tent yourself. Just don't come crying to me because, hey, I warned you.


Is this where I'm supposed to make some lewd reference to "just show him the picture of you in the ballcap and he'll pitch a tent in no time." ?

I guess that depends where that rope burn is...hmmmmm.....

My unwavering maxim is: "If it is worth doing well, it is worth hiring someone who knows how to do it."

As a general rule, the older I get, the more things I am willing to pay someone to do for me, and I echo Gerard's maxim.