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answering questions before they are asked

Why, yes. You're very observant today. Thanks for noticing. Minimalist? Well, it seems I'm all out of ideas. Which would be a blogger's nightmare, I suppose. But thanks, yes. I do like it. Complaints? Write them down in invisible ink and I'll send them to Encylopedia Brown to decode so he can figure out why it is that people think they have a right to dictate how someone makes their site look. Oh, that thing? Slowed the site down. Yes, that's my son in the photo. No, I have no intention of bringing the little dead girl back, but it's really cute how you keep asking. Does this design make me look fat? Don't answer that.


I like it. :-)

Minimalism is always good, even for those of us on broadband.

I'm thinking of simplifying my design some day soon. Meaning, I'll actually get off my lazy ass and do one myself, rather than use a template somebody else did.

Thumbs up. Loads much faster, too.

Did I inadvertently up my dosage of crack, or did the site just change from blue to white when I clicked reload?


I love it, especially the picture...

Actually the page loaded so fast all I thought was, "Cool!" Wow, it might even get through my firewall at work in less than 60 seconds. Very nice.

And being relatively new to your party? The little dead girl never quite synched up with the content for me. I didn't Grok.

It's far too white.
Needs a slight tint.

You forgot one.

No, I'm not going to take another 'cap' picture.

I like the look, but the page is actually loading quite slowly for me now - the right-hand column takes a lot longer to show up than the rest of the page for some reason (Mozilla 1.6). It seems to be whatever's loading from tedrallisahack.freepolls.com that's causing the hangup. And I don't actually see any sort of poll on my page even after it's done - is there supposed to be one?

I like it, of course I'm a big fan of minimalism. And don't worry about the design making you look fat, I likes my women with some meet on 'em. :-)

Meet? MEET? WTF have I been smokin' today? Jeebus, I'm going to start my three pitcher lunch a little early today...

I love it, but I'm getting that old IE bug (sorry, they MAKE us use it at work) where parts of the text disappear and you have to highlight them or scroll up and down to make them come back. I didn't use to get that here. Did you perhaps change the doc type declaration or something?

David, it was an old poll that I just took out. Hope that helps.

That does indeed help - site's loading pretty much instantly for me now.

I'm inspired to ditch the orange/pink thing. ;)

I didn't even read what anyone else had to say on this--I love it. Gorgeous and readable.

I like it - simple is almost always copacetic with me. I guess I need to make some sort of change to my site, since the renovation project has slowed to an imperceptible crawl...

No radio anymore, I presume??


I like it, but that's an AWFUL lot of whitespace up there, next to the picture....

Nice. Very slimming.

Also, the tasteful minimalistic style has inspiried me to improve mine. Someday. Maybe.

Love the look and the load(ing speed).

Mahvelous dahlink, simply mahvelous.

Okay, so no more little dead girl. Despite that by ignoring those who request her you are stifling dissent or practicing censorship or something. Whatever, it's evil. What do you have against Nonvital-Americans, anyway?

So how about some ASV merchandise? Sell some shirts on CafePress with the old logo and I'd buy one. Bet a bunch of others would too.

Love the minimalist look, my favorite pictures you have used in your headers have been the baseball kids ones, they seemed more personal that the little dead girl.

I preferred the old motiff.

This new look makes you slimmer. Definitely. Even though I have DSL, I like fast load times, and this is really fast now. Presumabely sitemeter is no more. That thing is a pig.

I will miss the little dead girl. Do you officially release her? If so, I want to claim her for my own pending obscure site that no one will read except me. And I might not read it either.

By the way, the little dead girl isn't completely gone... ;)

As this site represents a battle for the hearts & minds, I would prefer something more Gothic or apocalyptic. Either that or kind of a nudie-cutie vibe.

Your call

Oh good! I thought my computer wasn't loading the pages right again! Nice use of white space!