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Friday Morning Fluff

Here's something to start your Friday off right. [click each for bigger] These AFP photos are either a) a secret code used to send out messages about a future shadow government; b) not Kerry and Edwards at all, but a very dexterous Dick Cheney playing shadow puppet theater or c) just really damn hokey. I'm sure they could use some captions as well.


or (d) mudflap designs for extremely gay truckers.

Vote Ace & Gary, 2004!

(the one on the left)


Hokey? Looks to me like the hokey-pokey.

[man on left] Look! That silhouette over there has a more pronounced part than I! Get him!

[boy on right] thumbs up Yeah! All I've got is this forehead tuft that makes it appear as if I have shaved the rest of my head!

Photo on left:

Let's get this party started!! - who in the house is a lying asshole who wants to fuck up the US - can I get a hell yeah and raise your hand

Psycho Bunny whispers in John Edwards ear " Johnny boy, listen carefully, I said put your thumb up your ass, Dingbat!"



"Detroit was last night"

I vote for c. Really Damn Hokey.

Nothing I can say will top Ace & Gary. LOL

One on the left:

"'And I mumble, mumble...' damn this puppeteering and vintriliquism is really hard!"

On the right:

"Look over there, isn't she hot? I wonder if she's rich and wants to be a President's wife?"

"You're just trying to distract me from the gnome who's trying to steal my hair!"

So the John John are doing iPod ads now?

Picture on the left: "Karma police, arrest this girl, her Hitler hairdo is making me feel ill, and we have crashed her parteeee..."

Picture on the right: "ALL YOUR VOTE ARE BELONG TO US"