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You know it's just what you always wanted: A Command Post travel mug. This is just a first in a line of swag we'll be putting up for sale. I'm telling you, this item is going to be HOT. Get your hands on one now before you're the only one left without one. Kind of like Furbies. And you do NOT want to be that kid without the Furby.

The Command Post PX.


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The design is very, very cool. Nice job.

Ah cross marketing. How about a mug of the dead girl also?

Gee! That pitch, almost sounded like Bill O'Reilly pitiching his bag of junk.

When you make the ballcaps, will they come with tinfoil already in them?

Isn't "Command Post PX" redundant (or is it one of those things which only seem redundant, e.g.: I think that that posting may actually be okay, Okay?)

Aw hell, and here I am stuck with a Krispy Kreme travel mug that I bought because I couldn't believe my eyes and actually spotted a Krispy Kreme shop on Long Island.

Only souvenir I bought on the trip, too.

you spent the night with ME. That was your souvineir.