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Radio, radio

ASV Radio this evening brings you songs of the 90's. All of them are from albums mentioned on the Album of the 90's post. Where you should go and vote to prevent Metallica from winning.


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We have Blog Title!

Sorry, couldn't resist :-p I do the same thing at the movies. I know, but I refuse to grow up!

Deine Größe macht mich klein
du darfst mein Bestrafer sein

Danks für den Rammstein Michele.

Why in God's name would you put Metallica on there? Metallica fans are like the DU kddies, always voting in packs.

I know that I should have voted for the nominees, but I can't believe Alice In Chains 'Facelift' wasn't nominated.

Oh hands down.

Radiohead OK Computer.

There is no comparison.

Talking about voting, check out the Michael Badnarik for President blog at http://www.badnarik.org/blog/

Michael Badnarik wants to restore all of our rights and freedoms, reduce the government to it's proper constitutional size, and abolish the income tax so you can have an instant 30% pay raise.

Check out his blog, he is probably going to be the only third party canidate on the ballot in all 50 states...

Hey Lib - you owe me 25 dollars for that ad.

listening to 'rammstein' while being forced to understand their idiotic lyrics is torture,


thanks for the all the other titles :)

Metallica SHOULD win that one... the only close one would be PJ and they ruined it by releasing a follow-up....