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Free Iran

Two days ago, I posted this story at Command Post: Iranians Arrested in Iraq. It got little play in the mainstream news. Today, it's getting a little more coverage (posted again at TCP), but still not enough. Back in the day, during the Iran hostage crisis, some radio DJ took The Beach Boys' Barbaran Ann and did a parody called Bomb Iran. Maybe it's time for an update. No, I'm not really calling for the carpet bombing of Iran. But something has to be done. However, I wonder if this is something we should leave alone for now and let the people of Iran take control. Today, Ace says:
Without doubt, we have the right to bomb the living shit out of Iran. As has been the case for 10 years, though, we probably won't, because we have what seems increasingly-futile hope that the Iranian democracy movement can change the regime at some point, and we don't want to turn those pro-US reformers against us.
That's a good point and one I take seriously. I really, sincerely have this hope that they can make a difference. And they don't want American intervention. They want American support. I don't know where the two situations can meet. Iran has proven itself to be our enemy. Yet, if we were to attack in retaliation for their acts of war, we would diminish all that the pro-democracy activists have done to help themselves. Can they actually succeed? I believe they can if give them strength by letting them know we are behind them, and by letting the mullahs know that we are out here, supporting the revolution. It's important for this story about the Iranians arrested in Iraq to get out there. The more people that know about it, the more people will get behind the student uprising. It's three days until the anniversary of the 18 Tir uprising. We need to give the Iranians our support. If there is any group of people living under an evil regime that can change their country from the inside out, the revolutionaries in Iran are it. Roger Simon, who has been diligent in his support of the Free Iran movement, will be on XTV today at 2pm EST (that's fifteen minutes from as I write) talking about the Iranian struggle for freedom. The XTV link has the info you need to listen to it live. Please support the Free Iran movement. I have more here and here about it. Pejman has more.


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There's middle grounds between invading/flattening Teheran on one hand and twiddling our thumbs awaiting the Revolution on the other:

*Covert ops

*Precision bombing of nuclear facilities

*Open and forceful denunciations by Bush

*More funds for Radio Free Iran-type propaganda public diplomacy

*More funds, arms funneled to Iranian resistance and assistance in organizing for a revolution

*Building a case with the UN and associated foot-draggers

We should not do nothing.

If we free Kurdistan, the rest will follow.

Crank hits on most of my major points, but honestly, lip service of "We support you" doesn't cut it. Heaven forbid we provide logistical support because we'll have another "Rummy shook his hand" or "We have the receipts" incident in a few years.

And if Iran is actively engaging us in battle, can we afford to sit back and hope someone else will take care of the problem for us?

A thorny situation at best.

I don't think Iran can free itself without an American invasion. The mullahs aren't to the point yet where if they tell their troops to fire on a crowd, the troops will stick their bayonets in the ground and refuse. That's where the Soviet Union had to be before it toppled, and Iran's not there yet. They're making good use both of the Revolutionary Guard (SS/KGB troops by another name) and non-Persian troops in Persian areas.

Besides, we don't have time to wait around. They're about to get atomic weapons, for God's sake.

Folks, need I remind you of the Brits recently finding themselves on the wrong end of Iranian rifles? Somehow I doubt there were only 8 guys manning 3 boats but 8 was all the Iranians captured. How about a US and Brit team up to assist the democratic Iranian resistance?

I think we are already in country. Now, that doesn't make it okay for Iranians to be meddling in the affairs of Iraq...at least not in the public's view. Fact is we are engaged in a real world fight in Iran that won't be made public for at least 50 years if ever.

the faux democrats of Iran who are working up the gumption (there is already some) to take on the regime in a mass way are a distraction to what needs to be done and in their own way are supporters of the mullahs.

Steve Johnson is right. America must take Iran from the mullahs and give it back to the Iranian people.


An 18 month occupation ought to be tolerable if the desire for Liberty is real.

The sooner the better.

Iranian people are not pro-reformers, they are pro-freedom! The so-called reformers like "Khatami" were created by the Mullahs in an effort to trick the iranian people into thinking change was possible..

Iranians want the reformers and conservative mullahs out.. If you know any Iranians please go and speak to them and learn what they are all about - you will see how advanced and intelligent and pro-democracy they are..

best of luck to you all!

Sheeesh what y'all got against dark skinned people.
And what about N Korea?

Does no one remember that they revolutionized themselves into their present situation?
We need to help, with the making of glass.
If they get those weapons, they will use them. Probably on Isreal.
Maybe on us.
Some folks are going to fight for a million years, and thats ok.
If it involves us then blast em all.
We need to get off this oil kick too!
But let all remember, we are Isreals leash, not just their support.
If this seems disjointed, Im sorry but the mind is way overheated from the work day.
No one over their is going to give Isreal the right to exist.
So yeah lets free Iran........Then they can vote on when to strike.

Targeted hits of the most extreme mullahs combined with serious psyops propaganda radio = tipping point. After all, we have a strong and flavorful history of this sort of thing. No need to go wobbly now.

Offhand, I'd say that finding Iranian nationals with explosives, who also have documentable ties with the Iranian government, would be pretty much a slam-dunk causus bellum . Of course, the new Iraqi government is extremely unlikely to declare war on Iran even given this provocation, but it would be rather darkly amusing to see the moonbats denounce the "warmongers" in the "illegitimate" Iraqi government for reacting in a completely justifiable manner to the representatives of a hostile foreign power trying to blow up large numbers of their citizens.

Crank, you forgot one option: we could sell weapons to the Iranian govenment like the gipper did.

Well Sheeesh Earl, maybe it's because the Mullah's don't have [NorK] nukes...yet.

My money's on US action against the mullahs and nuke facilities after November 2 (if the Bush Team is reelected). Otherwise, the Iranian Stalinist nightmare will continue, unabated by the "New European" Kerry/Edwards administration -(presided over by Koffi Annan, et al) as will the completion of production of their fission based nuclear weapons.

Perhaps the most powerful thing any individual can do to promote democratic reform in the Middle East and general world security is to VOTE FOR BUSH.