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Gothic Dance!

Sure, I may be the last to know this, mainly because I'm behind in my web comic reading, but [almost] the entire cast of Achewood isblogging. That's right, they all have their own blogs. Links are up top. And this whole goth storyline is giving me giggle fits. p.s. don't forget to vote in my album poll thingie. I may not blog again tonight, so I just thought I'd remind you now.


The entire cast? Well then, where's Liebot's blog? Or Todd's? (well, I guess he can't read, but he could always dictate to Blister?) Oh, and what about Vlad? Or Nice Pete? Or Little Nephew? Okay, that's enough being a smart-ass from me for now.

BTW, I can't decide if Pat or Lyle has the best blog.

A Vlad blog would rule. And yeah, I know Todd's illiterate, but I still say a squireel who wants to tell the IRS he sells smack outta his van deserves a blog.

Vlad could call his blog "King of the Makeout's".

"Well then, where's Liebot's blog?"

That was my question. Onstad replied that robots don't blog. By way of punctuation, he added: "Duh."

Oh, and Lyle's is the best.

What does he mean that robots don't blog? Couldn't they update their blogs using nothing but the power of the mind? Sheesh.