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Today's Required Reading

Someone writes Val asking him to participate in a Cuba "exchange" program and Val gives a lesson in how to put someone in their place. Read the whole thing. Val rules.


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He responded. Here's a quick excerpt just to show you the kind of person Im dealing with:

As for the mis-naming of our program, there is an exchange of values and ideals. They may not be your ideas and values, but they are values and ideals. Apparently you'd be surprised what some of the teenagers that our group meets thinks about their country and our country. You may think that Cuba is currently a terrible place under Castro (this may be true), I think that our country (USA) is a terrible place under our war monger president. At least Castro is only killing innocents in his own country. Bush is killing innocents here and abroad.

Wow. Density that rivals Uranium. Amazing.

How do you talk to someone who honestly thinks Bush has people summarily executed? I didn't like Clinton but I didn't buy into the whole Vince Foster theory.

He doesnt even try to counter anything you said in your email...heck, he admits that Castro is killing innocents in his own country...but that doesnt matter because Bush is worse.

So, killing innocents at home is bad, but not bad enough that we shouldnt send our children and money...

Because, well, its not like Cuba is being run by Bush. Wow.

I especially liked Mr. Herman's defiant staement that he was going to Cuba "despite Bush." I wonder, if he had gone four years ago, if he would have said "despite Clinton?" Or twenty two years ago, "despite Carter?" In any event, we can be sure that he'd also spit in the eye of JFK and go.

I commend Val's respondant. Without a leg to stand on, nor a clue to speak of, he lectures him as if he owned Mount Olympus and Val was some dumb mook trying to set up a Starbucks concession at its base.

By the way, this little exchange illustrates perfectly why Michele--and CP--has had trouble with trolls. Quite frankly, there are people who live in truly alternate constructs out there.

I find it mostly amusing and occasionally depressing. Others, when confronted with an adult, in a position of power over children, views Castro as morally superior to Bush, cannot contain themselves.

To be fair, many of the alternate model sorts view the fuss over 9-11 as a sort of extended character defect, lived large. The WoT is beyond the pale.

Some of us use logic or wit to refute these people; other call them sick f###s.

regardless, there is no getting around them, nor the conflict of cultures that underpins it.

Your comment decision will have to factor this in.

Where the hell is the "Castro Lied - People Died" rhetoric? Oh right, he only kills his own people, like Saddam only killed his own people (tell that to Kuwait and Iran).

People are dying just to get to America. I do not see people dying to try to escape the U.S. - because they can leave anytime they want to (whether they can come back is another story).

Jeez, I wish some of these people would really live up to their promises to leave the country because Bu$Hitler is in charge -- why not live in that worker's paradise of Cuba? Europe is trading with them, and sending tourists - there's nothing that says one must trade with the U.S. to get rich. The EU is a pretty big deal. So those who love Castro's Cuba over Bush's America should live up to their ideals and move there. It's not like the American government will stop you -- but again, trying to come back would be a different story.

Thanks to the steer to babalublog and the blogger's exchange with Mr. Herman. A friend coined what I think is the right term for the snarky, arrogant condescension we are hearing from the hard left these days: moral nihilism. The remark about Castro only killing innocents in his own country is certainly one to be noted by anyone who is keeping a "moral nihilism watch."