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Caption Contest

I'm a little busy at work today, so work on the 90's thing will have to wait until later. Until then, humor me. Caption, please. kerryedwardssmoochies.jpg' No prizes, just (hopefully) some Tuesday-that-feels-like-a-Monday laughs.


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» It's "Waffle & Grits" from The Belfry Blogger
Kerry Aides Make Plans for No. 2, Whoever It Is "His wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, said her husband's frame of mind about the choice "depends on the time of the day." Well, at least he's consistently indecisive... To Balance Ticket,... [Read More]


"Your lips...so supple...Your hands...so soft"

"Kiss me you fool".

"Check me ... heeeh heeeh ... my breath ok?"

It was you, Fredo. It was always you.

Duet Singing -"I got you babe!!"

My appologies to Sonny (God rest his misunderstood soul), Cher can go f*ck herself.

no. You're shmoopie.

no, YOU'RE Shmoopie.

No. You.

No. You're shmoopie.

"I've got a really big surprise waiting for you when we get to Massachusetts."

"So Wonkette was right?"

"You'll have to wait and find out."

"Senators John Kerry and John Edwards came out of the closet today in a small ceremony in Massachusetts."

"I'm telling you it worked for Al and Tipper, and with gay marriage being such a big topic right now..."

"I can hardly see where the needles went in."

"I love making out with rich women"

"I'm not a woman"

"Really? That's a shame, you're prettier than Teresa"

Let go of my goddamn hand, Lurch!

"Why Mr. Kerry... your yankee sweet talk is giving me the vapors."

"I love you, mannnn...."

"People will say we're in love...."


How 'bout this?

Amazing what one can do on their lunch break, isn't it?

"Ooh baby. Feeling your suit like this is giving me a woody...."

[Both singing] "I... had... the time of my life... oh, I never felt this way before..."

"Whoa! Dude - I said no tongue!"

You get me hotter'n Georgia asphalt.

LOL@ RIP Ford! Brilliant!

"You had me at 'Vietnam'"

"Senator Edwards, are you squirreling away nuts in your cheek, or are you just happy to see me?"

Bill from INDC Journal,

Unfortunately, I can not take the credit for that line. I stole it from a much more gifted individual.

[May whoever is the Supreme Deity have mercy on what's left of my soul for this but...]

"Squeal like a pig!"

Wait Till I show you what a botox shot to the nads will do!

It's ok Honey, everyone breaks a heel from time to time. You just stay right here and I'll bring the car around.

"You love me! You really love me!"

Edwards: I love it when you speak French.

Kerry: Oh, I love it when you speak Southern.

Edwards: Let's go chase an ambulance

Kerry. Did you know I served in Vietnam?

Edwards. How's my hair?

"Yes, I'm so pretty
You're so dizzy
And we're so happy every day
Let's make a wish
And let it come true for us
Tra, la, la, la, la"

-- sorry, Mr.Lennon

Don't worry, John. I'm on the Pill.

Hold my hand and we are halfway there, hold my hand and I'll take you there. Somehow! Someday! Some...

"I'm so glad you picked me. I've missed our dates in the Senate cloakroom these past few months, Johnny."

Grandfather: And as they reached for each other...
[stops reading]
Grandson: What, Grandpa?
Grandfather: Oh, it's kissing again. I know you don't want to hear that part.
Grandson: Well... now I don't mind it as much.
Grandfather: Oh, okay.
Since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind. The End.

I vote for dario's entry, but here's my attempt anyway:

"I bet Teddy Kennedy never made you feel this way."


"I promise, Edwards, this will get Andrew Sullivan in our corner..."


"Ohhh, sweet mystery of life at last I've found you..."

and because this is ASV;

"Gimmee some sugar, baby."

The next President and Vice President

"Check it out, you can't see our suits."
"We're like Mumenshantz, dude."
"Totally, dude."
"Let's do a disembodied-head kiss, k?"

...this is precisely the move on the part of Edwards that Bill Clinton allegedly used to keep arafat from kissing him on the lips...wonder what that means?

Kerry: "I hope you realize that we have no chance."

Edwards: "See you in the footnotes of history, pal."

Oh, darling! Don't let's spoil everything.


I don't want to spoil anything --
just want to top it all off.
Would you want me, now, like this,so soon before our nomination ...
So near we can almost touch it? Or wait a little while longer,when I can give myself without hesitation?... When I can be totally and unashamedly yours??....

No, I'm letting Teddy drive YOU home!

The bad news is I have to run for VICE president.
The good news is I saved a ton of money
by switching my auto insurance to Gieco!

Oh John, I love it when you speak French!

"Will you be my John?"

Who took the stars out of Hollywood and put them in your eyes.

Babie, that ain't Bryll Cream on your tie, is it.

We're running for office. I'm scared. Hold me.

Marcia. Marcia.
John. John.

I vote you for VP before I voted against you.

Damn the federal marriage amendment. I want you.

Kerry: "With this ring, I thee wed."

Edwards: blush

"Are we too late to ride in a float in the PRIDE parade?"

"Shhhhh. You had me at hello!"

Try the red one, it's gooooood.

Don't worry, John. Hillary's been sedated and they got the scissors away from her.

Well, that wraps up Andrew Sullivan's vote!

We should be lovers!
And that's a fact.
Though nothing, would keep us together.
We could steal time...

Kerry: or an election!

Edwards: how wonderful life is
Kerry & Edwards: now that we're in the raa-ce!

"Is that a VP nomination in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

"I'll put the 'vice' back in vice-president! Come, I'll show you how!"

I don't think I can top dario's comment ("You had me at 'Vietnam'")...I laughed real hard at that one. But here goes anyway:

"You are no longer a cabin boy, now you are a cabin MAN."

The very first thing that popped into my mind was:

(singing) "I sigh, the song begins,
and I hear violins . . .
It's magic.
How else can I explain
those rainbows, when there is no rain . . .
It's magic. . . ."

It's taffeta darling, taffeta. You know, it wrinkles so easily.

I told you to lick my erection - not join my election

Kerry: Listen, John, about that whole McCain thing...
Edwards: It's alright.
Kerry: It's just that I...I knew they only way I could win is with another John on the ticket...and I panicked...and he's been to Vietnam...
Edwards: I said, It's alright
Kerry: And at the time you were in diapers...
Edwards: Listen you sonofa

"Who's my cream puff?"

"Crap, why'd we BOTH have to wear velcro suits at the same time?"

Really! Theresa doesn't mind when I bring my "gentleman friends" home.

How about?

Kerry: Well I've had the time of my life

Edwards: And I've never felt like this before. Yes I swear

Kerry: It's the truth.

Edwards: And I owe it all to you!

You know, I can get you all of Theresa's
millions minus 40% of course.

"Ticket of the Lesser Johns."

Edwards: John, you've got some spinach stuck in your teeth.

or maybe

Edwards: So, you wouldn't have a problem with going on Queer Eye?

Kerry: Not if it gets the chick vote.

or maybe

Edwards: Dude, you really need a nose-hair trimmer - I'll loan you my Sharper Image catalog

or maybe

Edwards: John, you know, I'm working up a class-action suit against the makers of Botox. You should get on board. That's some scary-ass paralysis you've got there in that forehead

Kerry: (thinking) shut up, shut up, the reporters are near!

or maybe

Edwards: John, if you plan to run with me, I've got two words for you: Grecian. Formula.

Okay, so they're lame, what do you want, all the good movie quotes got used up by people more creative than I am. (The Dude/Sweet bit really had me laughing).

John was ready when a relaxing moment turned into the right moment.