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Anyone Home at the New York Post?

As of 9:17 am, a full hour after everyone and their brother announced that Kerry chose Edwards, the NY Post still has this on their website. [click for larger] Notice the juxtaposition of the Gephardt news with the breaking Edwards news on the right. There are rumors this was all a disinfo campaign by the Kerry campaign because they consider the post an "enemy" paper. I refuse to believe that. [Thanks to Allison for the tip] Alan is going crazy with the live blogging over at TCP. Check it out. Update: The story that the Kerry people conned the Post seems to be making the rounds and I suppose I'm the only one who didn't believe it. It just seemed so...dishonest. I guess I still have a few naive moments left in me. Update 2: Reader Keiran sends over this Photoshop: (below)


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In other news, Dewey Defeats Truman.

Oops, didn't notice that below. Great minds... ;-)

Why is it hard to believe this was disinformation released to the NY Post by Kerry's people? That's the first thing that popped into my head when someone pointed the NY Post's reporting earlier this morning.

To say that this isn't a disinformation campaign by Kerry against NY POST is as wrong as NY POST to publish incorrect/speculative news.

Wait for the truth to come out on this one. Hopefully, the publisher of the NY POST will investigate and swing the axe where it must.

I agree with Michele. I can't believe the story either, 'cus we all know it's only Republicans are deceptive and dishonest and use disinformation.

Another thought: If The Post based its "scoop" on information provided by the Kerry campaign on condition sources there not be named, and the information was intentionally wrong, the Post should out the sources who gave the bad info.

The reporter-source relationship on these things is a contract. The reporter provides anonymity in exchange for accurate, truthful information. If the sources broke their end of the contract, the Post has an obligation to itself and its readers to identify the source of the bad info.

Of course, if it was just a reporting screw-up, heads will roll.

It could be a disinformation campaign but it could just as well be The Hee-row acting in character. Remember 'I voted for the $87 billion, before I voted against it'?
I chose Gephart before I chose Edwards.

Laurence, he's goona have to hit himself in the head.

I don't think the Post should mind: how many people are going to buy that issue as a collectors item? I bet it's already sold out.

How much does a Dewey Defeats Truman paper sell for? I bet it's a lot. This won't match that, but a lot of people collected Beanie Babies and other useless crap.

Tomorrow NY Post headline: