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Did you have a great Fourth? Did you take lots of pictures? Then upload a few of those photos to the Command Post 4th of July Reader Photo Gallery. Show us how you celebrated! Working on I Wanna Rock, the sequel. I found my Monsters of Rock CD, so you all better get ready to bang your head! Update: Meant to link Meryl's parody song earlier in the week, but forgot. If you haven't seen it yet, go.


I didn't get even ONE pic of fireworks,,,dang I hate that! Guess I'll just have to enjoy all of the ones submitted.

I unfortunately didn't bring my camera for the fireworks (I did for the Hamid Karzai--I uploaded those). It's a shame, I knew there'd be alcohol, fire, and meat in the same place. Our host managed to screw things up and shower his neighbors cars in sparks.

It was cool.

There's nothing like men and burning things