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Free Iran

I made a couple of images for anyone who is blogging about Iran, especially the 18 Tir demonstrations. (See yesterday's post here for more of my thoughts on that) freeiran1.jpg

bfiran.jpg Fee free to swipe them, just save them to your own server, please. The first image was taken from the Activistchat.com Cafe Press store, where you can purchase all kinds of swag to help fight the good fight. Free Iran links: Americans for Free Iran Democracy for Iran 18 Tir Demonstrations (July 8, 2004) Michael Ledeen: Fear of the Terror Masters I remember last year at this time it seemed that the whole blogosphere was "blogging Iran" in support of the 18 Tir demostrations. It seems quiet this year. Let's get behind them in force again.


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ye let support hooligans beacuse american like them.
but i am so sorry nothing is happen this year same as last year . i am willing to make a bet with the person who stated free iran.if 18 tir somthing big happen i am an arsehole if not you are.how is that .i want see your face on 19 tir.
get lost from iran bussiness.you take care of your america.

I recently read about Egyptians in Cairo burning American flags. I think it's appropriate that we also demonstrate our disgust with other countries that won't allow what we see are basic freedoms, be they in Egypt, Iran or elsewhere. Let's hear a little from the American Street and see if the non-free world likes it.

I'll be at the Washington demonstration - wonder if they'll carry it on Persian TV?

As for the previous poster on this thread, what Cheney said.

Hey, Babak:

Taking care of America means taking care of Iran.

That's just the way it is.

Don't worry. You won't hear it. Happy 18 Tir, caveman.