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Happy Birthday, America

My fireworks photos came out more like fractal art than fireworks, but I still like them. I'll post some in the gallery tommorow. It's like closing time at Disney around here. For a place where fireworks are illegal, there's sure a lot of sky show going on. We're headed back out for more. Hope your Fourth was safe and fun.


Cool pic.

That's quite lovely.

You know, digital cameras and weblogs are going to change the world. (He said appropos of nothing.)

Yay, I look forward to your fireworks spread.

Spent the day Goldsteined-out of flexeril with my jaw in a sling.

Nothing to see around the neighborhood - too many sissy law-abiding fireworks fearers. Plentty of "thunder" though, from local displays.

Any chance of a little video fireworks action for us shut-ins?

"on", not "of", flexeril.

Happy fourth from floppy fingers.

Dean: your right. but I canna figure shutter speeds.
Other than that, i will soon rule.

Happy Fourth of July to you all! (Oh, and if you didn't get to see any fireworks, create your own here).

I hope to have some cool Lomos of the Macy's fireworks tomorrow. Wish me luck with the developing!

I'm as happy as a stuffed tick in a mattress...

Now, I remember grandma Mildred saying that but I'll be durned if I know what that really means... ;-)

Swam, sunned and ate too much. Local displays (we can see the fireworks going off over Disneyland from my parents' home), hearing highly illegal firecrackers being set off all over the place, driving home every highschool and park was setting stuff off (some really cool stuff, being set off over LA Fairplex). Sitting home, watching local kids setting off bottle rockets all over and the "safe and sane stuff" from so surrounding cities being set off on our street where even those are illegal. Damnation, the "safe and sanes" are even wimpier then when I was a kid, the fountains a sad short display all of 3-4 feet high.

Michele, cool pix! Hubby has a death grip on his 20 y/o Canon slr while I keep talking up the advantages of a digital camera, but maybe some more real kewl pics of stuff like fireworks can get me to drag him into the 21st century where photography is concerned. LOL

We had a great 4th here and I hope everyone else's was just a joyous.