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For Met Fans

I'm at my parents' house for the day. As you know by now, my dad is a die hard Met fan as well as a rabid Yankee hater. So the game ends, the Yanks are swept by the Mets and dad tells us that he put a new flag up in front of the house to replace my mother's Yankee flag. I'm only posting it here because I know that some of you will get a good laugh out of it. Don't say I never did anything for you. It hurt me to post this. (Some of us Yankee fans do have a sense of humor)


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High five to your dad!

All I can say is...


Now to cap it off with the fireworks tonight over the East River (viewed tonight, of course, from QUEENS - home of the METS)... Yes ma'am. Quite a celebration today.

You know I was thinking just the other day, whenever I'm feeling particularly stressed out - about the world, about the news, about daily life... whatever - the thing that never fails to relieve my stress the most is baseball. I flip on the radio (okay, so sometimes I can't bear to watch!) and listen to the baseball game, or listen to the guys talking about the game, and poof! Instant therapy.

God bless America! And her pastime. Happy Fourth everyone.

It's appreciated.

I was at my parents' house too. When I was growing up they were diehard Mets fans. Then around, oh, September 1998, they became diehard Yankee fans. Today, after the final out, I did the broom dance for them. And it was good.

And my Brewers got swept by the last-place Pirates. Ugh!!!!

I've printed off a copy of your photo for my landlady, who is a Mets fan.

Today is a good day to be a Phillies fan too. Can't believe the almighty Marlins have fallen to THIRD PLACE in the NL East! Woo-HOO!

To quote the great philosopher: Woohoo!

Even as a Yankees fan, I must confess that is funny.

Gotta love it!

Heh. Indeed.

My wife (the hippie from Long Island) pulled the same stunt, pulling down my Yankee flag.
"That's just wrong," I says.
"Mets kicked your ass," she says.
"Okay. But only till tomorrow."

you got guts!

This reminds me of an incident around 1976 in which my hyperactive brother became annoyed with my sister's boyfriend and hurl a broom like a spear from the living room through the kitchen to just above where he was sitting in the dining room. It penetrated to almost a foot into the wall. It was very cool if you leave aside the homicidal intent.

Arrgh. Funny. Painful. But I'm laughing. We'll give the Mets 3 wins anyday, 'cause we got 3 titles in the 90s, 3 appearances in the zeros... and we beat them in 2000.

Hehe, same thing in front of our house, except we put a Mets flag through the broom and put it below the American flag(it is Independence Day after all)