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checking in, checking out

We spent the day fixing up the pool. We thought it just needed a new liner, but we discovered after taking the old liner down that the sides of the pool are a bit rusted. I swear, the people who had this house before us didn't take care of anything they owned. We can't afford a new pool this year, so we're winging it with this one. We're just hoping that it lasts through summer and we don't have any incidents. Like the pool collapsing while the kids are in it. Apropos of the post below, we lit up the charcoal and fired up some steaks for dinner. Perfection. And now, we head out to the backyard again to await the fireworks show at the local park. So Metal Mania Radio, the sequel, will have to wait. I really wanted to post some Fourth of July stuff today, had every intention to do so, but this having my own yard thing is really getting in the way of blogging. That's a good thing, by the way. Snippets of things I meant to write about: Two great Fourth of July baseball memories. Mets and Braves go 19 innings. It was one of the most bizarre baseball games I have ever seen. A pitcher (Rick Camp) had to pinch hit in one of the late innings and ended up hitting a home run to tie the game up yet again. Stayed awake for the whole thing, which ended at about 3am. Dave Righetti's no hitter. Dave was the man. For a while. And then I wanted to write about one of my favorite Revolutionary war heroes, Ethan Allen. But Washington Irving wrote about him a long time ago, you can read that here: The Capture of Fort Ticonderoga I'll have something more on the holiday - and freedom itself - in the morning. Remember my fireworks warning, kids. I mean it. That's why we're going to watch from a safe distance.


Pools with liners? Cool. For the summer between my junior and senior HS years and between my senior HS year and college I built one of those daily going to a new town in NJ each day. Learned where all the best burger joints were that had DEFENDER video games.

What I miss most about those days? Being able to eat half a dozen burgers a day and NOT gain weight.

Since I have tickets to today's game, I'm hoping to have some good 4th of July baseball memories myself by 5pm.

Isn't it funny that Yankee fans have so many date associations? Like you, Michele, somebody asks me what do you remember about the 4th of July, I immediately reply, "Righetti blowing away the Red Sox."

And there are other dates, some which are marks of shame, that elicit the response, "Horace Effin Clarke."

and that Old Europe fansite is pretty skippy!

1939 - Lou Gehrig gives his "luckiest man alive" speech at Yankee Stadium

Sleeping on the Interstate...