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ASV Radio is BACK!

Inspired by many of the comments in the I Wanna Rock post of yesterday, I bring you the ASV Metal Mania/This Should Make You Feel Old Radio station. Check over on the left sidebar for the player. We're on our way out to get DJ a new amp, so I just rushed these up there without checking to see if they converted ok. Sorry for any skips, errors in the music, etc. I'm taking requests for Metal Mania, the Sequel, which will be added to the existing playlist later today. Try to keep with the theme, guys.


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To recall SNL's Blue Oyster Cult:
I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!

Ramones! Ramones!
Also more cowbell.

Hell, metal made me feel old when it was new.

Ah, I like the skips, it reminds me of the original vinyl and 8=tracks...

From "The Stoned Age" (per 8trackheaven.com)

Hubbs: What the f*** is that?
Joes: It's "Don't Fear the Reaper," man!
Hubbs: You're not playing that pussy song in my car man!
Joe: But it's Blue Oyster Cult!
Hubbs: I don't give a f*** if it's Blue Oyster Cult, it's a pussy song! Let me tell you something: every band puts out at least one pussy song so they can find out who the faggots are!

[a fist fight ensues, they nearly wreck, and Joe finally yields to Hubbs' demands and puts in a Ted Nugent cart and the movie rolls on...]

Ah, Ted Nugent - that's probably the same 8-track the dishwasher played over and over and over again when I was bussing at "Mr. Angus Steakhouse"... dreaded mind tape-loop of "Cat Scratch Fever" already starts. Dare you include it in round #2?

Kiss me Deadly - Lita Ford
Blow my Fuse - Kix
Here I Go Again - Whitesnake
Up All Night - Slaughter
Once bitten Twice Shy - Great White
Nothin' but a Good Time - Poison
Runaway - Bon Jovi
18 and Life - Skid Row
Gypsy Road - Cinderella
Where the Down Boys Go - Warrant
Seventeen - Winger
Naughty Naughty - Danger Danger
One in a Million - Trixter
Rocket Queen - G-n-R
Wareheads - Extreme
Kckstart my Heart - Motley Crue
Cowboys from Hell - Pantera
Cuaght in a Mosh - Anthrax
Fuck You! - Overkill
Creeping Death - Metallica
Peace Sells - Megadeath
Possesed - Suicidal Tendencies
Just one Fix - Ministry
Jerry was a racecar drive - Primus
Thunder Kiss '65 - White Zombie
Supernaught - 1000 Homo Dj's
Beers, Steer, and Queers - RevCo
Sin - NIN
Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones (played out - but nobody knows any of there good stuff)
Anarchy ion the UK - Sex Pistols

I think I ran the gamut on this list. From great to "I'm embarrased to admit knowing this song". I feel so old, and so ashamed - that I cut my hair off that is!

Siberia/Spit, RAW, Industry - Where'd all the good clubs go in NY. Crap, they turned in Retro/Flashback nights. GAHHHH!!!!

If I may quote Poison (shut up!): "Sometimes I wish to God I didn't know now, the things I didn't know then"

Put "Gates of Babylon" by Rainbow on the list and I'll give you two, yes two, raised devil horns \m/ \m/. Great choices so far.

Apologies - off topic. Corporal Hassoun was murdered this morning

Cream - Sunshine of Your Love
Cream - White Room
Steppenwolf - Born to Be Wild

I Wanna Rock--Twisted Sister
We're Not Gonna Take It--Twisted Sister
Legs--ZZ Top
LaGrange--ZZ Top
Hair of the Dog--Nazareth
Got me under Pressure--ZZ Top
Tube Snake Boogie--ZZ Top

Girls, Girls, Girls--Motley Crue
Dr. Feelgood--Motley Crue
Kickstart My Heart--Motley Crue
Sticky Sweet--Motley Crue
Looks That Kill--Motley Crue

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Crystal Ship - Doors
Bad Moon Rising - CCR
Cocaine - Clapton

Some more cheese, just to fire some up:

LA Guns - Rip and Tear
Firehouse - Love of a Lifetime
Cacophony - Speed Metal Symphony
Faster Pussycat - House of Pain
Ratt - Screw the music, gimmie that damn girl!
The Cult - Sweet Soul Sister
White Lion - Radar Love
Tesla - Little Suzi
Green Jello - Three Little Pigs
Ugly Kid Joe - Everything About You
Dangerous Toys - Teas'n, Pleas'n
Enuff Z Nuff - Fly High Michelle
Steve Vai - The Animal
Joe Satriani - Satch Boogie
Scatterbrain - Mr. Johnson and the Juice Crew

This Blog changed! It used to be all about hating this former president. Now it has turned into devil worshipping rock fantasia.

Led Zeppelin should be in there somewhere.

Lump, dude. Lay off the wacky weed. This blog was never about hating Clinton.

And subliminally, it's always been about devil worship.

And subliminally, it's always been about devil worship.

At ease, Michele, lest you conjour up visions of yourself in one of those diaphonous Hammer Film nightgowns, with the blood of a sacrificed Leftist smeared all over your hands--I don't think that you meant anything like that.

How about "You've Got Another Thing Comin'", by Judas Priest?

lest you conjour up visions of yourself in one of those diaphonous Hammer Film nightgowns, with the blood of a sacrificed Leftist smeared all over your hands.

I told you not to tell anyone. Now they'll all want to come to the next ritual and my underground lair is just not that big.

Damned SNL for making me bust out laughing at BOC!

Dang, The Cult. Forgot about them.

Fire Woman--The Cult

SarahW? Who should we hit first?
ROCKAWAY BEACH, you little Long Island

Excellent stuff, Michele. Brings back fond memories of cruising down the freeways with the stero blaring. For the next edition, I suggest putting some Led Zepplin and some Ted Nugent into the mix.

Of course, Black Sabbath is essential to any heavy metal compliation, but I have to say that Black Sabbath just doesn't seem the same after "The Osbournes" on TV.


Excellent taste in music. I grew up on this music, spent a good part of the day listening to Rush and love every song you chose. Thanks.

For LZ, I'd suggest the Immigrant Song, or Black Dog.

And Darleen, it's been five years, and my wife is still pissed at me for having the bad taste to introduce our next tune Cocaine by saying "and now a little something for the kids".

The obvious message of the song did nothing to alleviate her ire.

So, as you can imagine, when we play it now, if we play it, I say something like "just say no kids".

Average Joe: You're right. After watching that show, it sort of took all the luster off Ozzie's "crazed psychopath in league with Satan" thingie.