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Tour de France: All You Need to Know

Remember that song by Kraftwerk? Hated it. Anyhow, if you are a fan of the big race or even just a casual observer , Joe has a great preview with lots of information. He's a big TDF fan as well as a bike racer (is that the proper terminology?) himself. I'm sure Charles will be covering the race as well.


Hey, I think that Kraftwerk song is pretty cool. You can make up your own Franglais lyrics.

I never got what the big deal was about Kraftwerk anyway. (Now stand ready for 5,000 comments on the wonder that was Kraftwerk and how their eponymous electronic debut paved the way for millions of artistic misfits with a Kaypro hooked up to a synthesizer in their grandma's garage blah blah blah blah blah...)

The original went on about nine days too long, but they remixed it last year and split it, like Turkish Taffy, into smaller, tastier chunks. Not bad at all, if you like that sort of thing.

Yeah, bike racer is the right term. You could say cyclist, but that doesn't necessarily include competitive riders.

Lance could do it again. It could happen! I'm starting some coverage on my blog, too. Check in every now and then! Say Michelle sent you.