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Celebrate Your Freedom With Something Free

Don't forget, kids. Today is the third annual Free Comic Book Day. It looks like they are gearing it more towards the youth market this year, with offerings like Archie, Mickey Mouse and Teen Titans. Check the locator to find a participating store near you. Bring a kid or two. It's a great way make a new comic book fan.


I'm just heading down to Serious Comics in Massapequa with plans to buy out half the store =P

I would get the new Lenore, but it doesn't come out until mid-July.

Thanks for the tip,and as fate would have it,the store I took my daughter to was'Flying Colors" in Concord,CA,which is where the whole free comic book day started.Got to meet Joe Field,the owner of the store,and it was great!My daughter is a new fan and my interest has been rekindled,

I'd been thinking about getting some comic books for my 4-year old son. Today, I saw the 'free comic book day' thing in the paper and that got me to hit the store. I've never been a comic book person, so I don't know what's out there.

The clerk didn't have any suggestions for someone so young, but gave me an Archie and a Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck on the way out.

Any suggestions for a wise-beyond-his-years preschooler? We read to him a lot - we're on our second read through a 500 page novel with him now. He has a good attention span and likes fairly complex storylines.
He can't read much, yet, and I thought he might like something he could follow by way of the pictures.

So, what's out there that I should go look at for him?

Thanks for the tip. In one of the brief times I've stuck my nose out online this weekend, I saw your post and got my oldest (8) up to grab some comics.

First ones were free, $.50 each thereafter. I grabbed the 24 comic (who knew?), and he came home with a about $2 in 'free' comics and a few new ones to boot!

One of the free Spiderman comics was actually an anti-smoking story in disguise. Not that my little man would ever smoke (he saw grandpa and his oxygen tank...), but it can't hurt.

Considering how late it shows on Cartoon Network, I think they may be marketing Teen Titans to older kids and adults.
But that just might be my inner child speaking.