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Nature Rules

I've just witnessed a freak show put on by nature. A lightning storm played out in the clouds to the south of us. At least a thirty minute long display of flashing lights and bolts that looked like skeletons in the sky. The storm never moved at all, it was stuck in one spot where it kept spitting out electricity that would rival any special effects light show. Sometimes it looked as if armageddon had come; my brother in law said it reminded him of scenes out of Band of Brothers, like constant gunfire and explosions, except it was completely silent. Not a thunder clap, not a crackle, not a single sound. Total eeriness. I tried to take some pictures but it was near impossible. All I know is that the entire block was standing outside watching this. I have never in all my years seen anything so spectacularly awesome and fearsome. I'm just glad it appears to be several miles away. [I think it may have been heat lightning. Is there a meteorologist in the house?]


I love that stuff. We haven't had a good storm here in a long time. I love watching them from work, you can see forever and the lightening bolts are just awesome.

I just saw a similar thing. I was standing on a dock that juts into the Great South Bay over in Amityville. I was looking out onto the water, and over past the barrier beaches on the ocean, there was a storm. We watched as lightning sometimes struck the water, and sometimes went from cloud to cloud but didn't make a sound. Some of it was reflected on the water of the bay, so it looked like the lightning was flashing down to meet opther lightning that was flashign up.

Then the moon rose and was a bright red. It went behind the clouds, and the lightning turned a bright crimson shade. It was amazing, and I kicked myself for not bringing the camera!

I'm no meteorologist, but it sounds like heat lightning to me. Does New York specialize in that or something? My grandmother gets that up by her place near Goshen all the time. Cool stuff. It's a shame you couldn't get pictures.

It was raining harder than I've seen in years - if not harder than I've ever seen in my life - right before my brother picked me up earlier. Just before he pulled up, it stopped and when I went out the clouds were disappearing and the sun was coming out.

I think it had something to do with "I just might feel sorry.."

Don't muck with the Gods.

"I've just witnessed a freak show put on by nature."

So you went to see Fahrenheit 9/11, huh?

I'm no meterologist either, but I have always understood that heat lightning refers to a thunderstorm seen from a distance by a dry observer. A person standing underneath the same cloud would experience being in a typical heavy thunderstorm, and getting wet.

You Yankees crack me up. Heat lightning is an every night happening down here, we're always getting a light show. We also have these really pretty things called trees - you should look into them.

All that lightning was probably killing golfers in Florida.

Andrea, it was worth it.

Girlie, that was Thurman ... he wants his candles.

Ernie is correct - "Heat Lightning" is a storm seen from a distance in the summer.
Here in Kansas, we see that a lot. I think we have the most spectacular stormy skies in the country here in the middle, from Texas on up to Minnesota, bordering on the prairie. There are some great pictures of supercells at http://www.tempesttours.com - go to the photo gallery.
Midwestern Super Cells are fascinating.
Hey, Midwestern Super Cells - that could be the name of a rock group!

To photograh lightning, you need a rock steady tripod and a manual shutter control. Just hold it open till you see a lightning flash; the duration thereof will be the effective exposure time.

good spring t-storm here - would be unnatural if you didn't have the cloud to cloud light show.

and I've loved them since I was a kid. except for the one that hit a tree 50 yards away from me when I was 23.