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For your entertainment/kneel before Jor-El

This is the funniest things I've seen in months. Saddam plays rock, paper, scissors. Also: I apologize for being flippant about Marlon Brando's death. Several emails ask: Did I like anything Brando did as an actor? Yes, I thought he was great in Superman and fantastic in The Godfather. Superb in On the Waterfront. And, unlike many people, I thought he was superb in Guys and Dolls. I've seen several versions of the play, and nobody played Sky Masterson as perfectly Brando did in the movie. Nobody. He was also one good looking man back then.


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"RAWR!!!!! RAWRR! rar." to that.

Shit, Bro. Rummy's Dragon Fist outdoes Paper Tiger any day....

My lord that was funny.

Oh my, that was spittle worthy! Now we must all clean off our screens

That was way too funny. I'd also highly recommend "Farenheit 1918," which I linked to on my own site this morning. Classic stuff.

Oh, my...the Saddam stuff is priceless.

BTW Michele, I agree with you on Guys & Dolls. And Frank Sinatra was perfect balance to Brando as Nathan Detroit

One of the few musicals that was as fun when it went to the screen as it is on stage.

Ya gotta see Brando in Last Tango in Paris.

What about "Apocalypse Now" or "The Godfather" Part I?


I enjoyed Robert Duval's performance more in Apocalypse than Brando's. Michele mentioned Godfather, and it indeed was a wonderful turn. The whole wedding sequence stands out for me.

I agree about Guys and Dolls but another one I liked that was not really popular was Missouri Breaks.

"Ya gotta see Brando in Last Tango in Paris."

If you want to destroy any good memories you may have of him, that is.

"Tiger claw. Rawwr! Rawwr! rar."

hahahahahaha. Thanks for sharing that link, Michele.

Now I must clean the spit off my monitor.

In general, I never had much use for Brando as an actor, with one exception. The moment in The Godfather, when Tom Hagen tells him that Sonny has just been killed, Brando's face is distorted by as moving a depiction of grief as I've ever seen on-screen.

M, you're right on re: Guys & Dolls -- Brando WAS Sky Masterson. And my wife agrees with your assessment -- in that movie, Brando was a true hunka-hunka-burning love, in her eyes.

and who could forget, "STELLAAAAAAAA!!!!"

Brando was awesome. At the risk of sounding like a film-school know-it-all, "On the Waterfront" was a really great film of his, too. "Last Tango" was uber-disturbing. "Streetcar" just didn't work for me as much (but that was because of Williams, not Brando. I just don't like the story. Menagerie was far superior.)

I was watching Godfather with some friends on Saturday (we'd been planning to do so for a week before, oddly enough), and there's one moment that just caught me off guard and made me laugh out loud. After the infamous horse-head scene, a scene of horrific screaming, it cuts to a tight shot of Brando, who just closes his eyes and kinda half-shrugs, as if to say, "eh, whatever." I just about died laughing.

And yes, the scene where Tom tells Vito that Sonny was killed, and the next scene with the undertaker, absolutely tear me up every time.