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Not here. Here: The Real Environmental Terrorism. Also, this: Poor, poor Red Sox fans. I think I just might feel sorry for them.


Feel sorry for them? 15 more Munson candles, young lady!

Ha! I'm getting to you, softie!

Of course, I think I agree with his earlier rant, actually. I guess I'll just have to root for the Devil Rays. :(

New trade talks have emerged that may turn the Sox around ... although they need a good kick in the ass too.

Sox get: Odalis Perez and Carlos Delgado
Jays get: Cesar Izturis and minor-league pitcher
Dodgers get: Nomar and Kim
Sox Forum on BostonDirtDogs

Feeling sorry for us, eh? May I quote?

Tanner: Hey Yankees, you can take your apology and your trophy and shove it straight up your ass! Lupus: And another thing, just wait til next year!

I feel empathy for the Red Sox, but dammit, Joe Torre's contract was up and they didn't even make an attempt to hire him. That's what could have tipped the competitive balance in their favor, NOT trying to match Steinbrenner's player payroll...

Torre would never have signed. his family would excommunicate him. (in his sister the Sister's case, she'd have had the Vatican calling Joe and making the threat)

The pain of being a Red Sox fan. My excuse is that it is genetic. I come from a long line of Red Sox fans.

If there is any justice in the world the Mets will sweep the Yankees...se what I mean...pain.