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Dr. Mephisto Dead?


Reports surfacing that Marlon Brando is dead. I wonder what will happen to the North American Marlon Brando Look Alike association now? (Honestly, I thought he was dead already) Update: It's been confirmed, but just remember that you heard it hear first! So that makes me the absolute leader in Marlon Brando death related news Write that on my tombstone, ok?


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Twelve players have him. I've got a draft post for the dead pool ready to go.

Well, more like I wrote it to tally the points and realized it hadn't hit Google News or CNN yet, so I felt like a f-ing idiot.

They are reporting "cause of death unknown",Gee,80 years old,obese,and a bit of a loon.Shouldn't the queston be "what kept him alive this long?"

With his financial troubles in the news just yesterday,and the life's he had in the last couple decades... "cause of death unknown" is the best thing to be saying right now I think.

hmm That KPHO story is the only source I can find reporting that. Google News, as of this post, turns up nothing. And that same KPHO story was, according to Google Groups, posted around 2am pacific last night.

Just a little odd.

80 years is a grand old age to reach for someone so ...fluffy.

Get fat in my family and you won't make it to seventy.

Wow, I was just thinking about him, given I watched "Cartman joins NAMBLA" last night.

Until I hear it confirmed I'm not gonna believe this, but at the same time, it's hard to believe the man is still alive, given his physical health alone.

It's been confirmed by his attorney and family.

Fox News flashed it across the screen during a Bush speech just now.

I have this image of him and Mattie Stepanek in heaven re-enacting scenes from Apocalypse Now. "You're an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill."

Being reported and posted on FNC and MSNBC channels and sites now.

And at the risk of injecting a note of levity -- heh: CNN is last to the story. Still not being reported on CNN channel or site.

CNN is last to every death... they were 15 minutes behind everybody else on Reagan.

Not true Jeff. CNN announced Ronald Reagan's death well over a year ago!