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Jeter is the man.


ah ya baby

Evil! Evil!


Michelle: The magic number is 78. You know where I can find a magic number counter for my blog? I've been looking but no luck so far.

Red Sox Nation: Forget about the Yankees. Keep your eyes on the rear view. Sweet Lou is coming for you.

Michele - Did you SEE that game ? UNREAL. I couldn't stay up to see it all, after Manny's HR in the 13th, it was already after 11 and my hours of sleep had already dropped to less than 6. But as I went to bed I told my wife "They'll probably still win it" knowing the comeback nature of that team.

What Jeter did, diving into the stands was just unbelievable. Guts. THE CAPTAIN.

Has Nomar been traded yet?

Yes, I care that the Sox lost, but DAYAM I love baseball. What the hell more could you want from a game?

I was just home visiting LI and unhappy that my ticket connections couldn't score for Tuesday night's game (I flew out Wednesday evening). But, last night had to be one of the greatest games these two have ever played against each other. New York fans still make a big deal about the annual subway series against the Mets. Screw that...this is what it's all about. Thank God for satellite TV.

And Michele, you should be ashamed of yourself for attending Spiderman 2 while this game was being played. Go light 15 candles to Thurman and beg for forgiveness.

And go snag the back page of the Post. It's a hella better picture.

I don't like the Yankees at all, but Derke Jeter has now made two plays in baseball that I have never, ever seen before.

The first was the World Series back hand cut-off flip to home plate. That was fantastic. But this catch, while the catch itself was great, was elevated to superhero status because he KNEW that he was gonna bite it big time in the first few rows.

I hope he takes a day off, he's earned it.

He should be happy he still has teeth.

He won't take the day off. Have to go stomp the Mutts tonight.

That play was just nuts. I'm down at my shore house and we were all glued to that game last night - even the non-baseball watchers!

Curse or no curse, there's something about these series that make you want to watch all the games! As for Nomar, good job getting off the bench to at least cheer on your team. I'm surprised Manny didn't kick you in the head when he hit that homer and you just sat there.

I used to think that it would be cool to have Nomah on the Yankees. No more. Not after he sat out a huge game for no reason whatsoever and then didn't care enough to cheer for his own team. Numbers be damned. I'll take Jeter over Nomah every day and twice on Sunday. Hell, these days most die-hard Sox fans would take Pokey Reese over Nomah. We don't need that sort of gutlessness in the Bronx.

Mia Hamm, how could you have let this happen??? I hope she kicked his ass when he got home.

God I hate baseball. I hate that I miss games like that. I hate that I can't watch every game.

And you know what, I have no problem with physical mistakes, after they are only human. What I can't forgive is a baseball player who doesn't make the effort.

I know why Nomar was not in the line-up, I just don't like it.

Let's Go Devil Rays

Great Game.
nuff said.

Anyone tape it? No TV but I have a VHS player.