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Does Whatever a Sequel Can

Just came back from seeing Spiderman 2. I said that the first Spiderman was the best to comic to film movie ever. Spidey 2 is more than that; it's an action movie first, a comic book movie second. It would stand on its own whether or not the legacy of Spiderman, comic book hero, came before it. It's got everything I love in a movie: action, adventure, drama, romance, car crashes, explosions and a cool villain. But what makes Spidey 2 work so well are the two things that pull all the other stuff together: a great sense of humor and Sam Raimi. I don't want to write a full scope review now, there's a few underlying themes I want to work into a post in the morning. I'll just tell you what I'm going to tell everyone else: Don't miss this movie. It's a great summer joyride. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll probably see it again.


Yes, but Peter Parker is such a pessimist, he must be a Democrat, right?


Kidding, kidding.

Am I the only one who didn't find much humor in this one?

I thought it was heavy on the Peter Parker, and VERY light on the wisecracking Spidey.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll probably see it again.

I did laugh. I didn't exactly cry, as the only time I cry at movies is when I'm PMSing. But I did feel a tear or two well up. I am going to see it again. Already have the tickets.

And it doesn't have much Michael Moore in it. Not as much as Michael Moore Michael Moore Michael Moore Fatass Michael Moore Michael Moore Unpatriotic Scum Michael Moore Michael Moore and Michael Moore!

You're so weird.

Michele, not Aaron.

Although Aaron is the King of Weird.

It has comedy, romance, action, but no big dance numbers?

You know, I actually saw Alfred Molina play Tevye in Fiddler on the ROof on broadway. He did a great job until he used his robotic arms to hurl his cart into the audience.

Don't forget the other musical theatre star in the film: Donna Murphy, a Tony-winner and current star of "Wonderful Town", plays Doc Ock's wife Rosie.

Can't you just see them all bursting into song?

And Michele, you're so right: the film is great. It gets an A. Great summer fun.

Who would have predicted ten years ago that Marvel Comics would get their act together with regards to movies and TV, after they'd made such turkeys as the original Punisher and Fantastic Four movies? Between the X-Men franchise (I include the mid-1990's cartoon series), the Spiderman franchise, The Hulk (which was inventive, if not always coherent), and the new upcoming Fantastic Four film, they've got quite a good thing going there. Yay Ari Arad!

(But I await a good Captain America movie.)

I saw Donna Murphy in "Passion," and now all I can think of her as is the creepy stalker lady from that Sondheim play.

It closed quickly because, well, it seemed more about stalking than about love, and, y'know, "Stalking" just doesn't ring true to me as a Broadway hit.

Saw it last night. Really, it's on par, if not better, than the first movie (which was terrific). A great, great movie. A sequel that can stand entirely on its own merit. And they set up upcoming movies beautifully (Introducing us to Dr. Conners, John Jameson, Harry Osborne's difficult future, etc.). There are a couple of tiny nits to pick but they pale when seen in the context of the entire movie, which was just great.