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show those mad skillz

Head over to Command Post, where we celebrate seeing Saddam in a courtroom by launching both a Photoshop and caption contest. My entry: saddphoto.jpg My sister Lisa's entry is below.


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Perhaps a scenario in which he is indicating the size of his own genitalia would provide amusement.

Here's one of mine. Needs animation....

lookee here

I grabbed a bunch of the different shots. Perfect for making a People's Court comic strip.

Brighten the smile a bit.

"Babs. Good to see you. I'll be done in a minute. WE'LL DO LUNCH. You're wonderful baby"

I had the arrogance to do a top five, sans photoshop though


Michele's got ALL the fun!

"Thank Allah I'm in the custody of Iraqis rather than Americans."

See this story:

Nashwan Ali - who said his nickname was Big Man - said: "A US MP asked me this morning what police division I was in. I said I was in criminal intelligence.

"The American asked me why we had beaten the prisoners. I said we beat the prisoners because they are all bad people. But I told him we didn't strip them naked, photograph them or fuck them like you did."

So the generic wingnut defense is "at least we're not as bad as Saddam." And now the generic Iraqi defense is "at least we're not as bad as the Americans".

Tell us again about the US setting an example to the rest of the world...

"Pull my finger...come one..pull my finger, either one..."

Phoeny still doesn't get it.


Aw gee, only one entry per person.

Nowhere else to go with
Detainee sings the blues

I cast my swine before pearls...

Sent to Alan:


Faith, that's pretty funny :) you made my husband giggle like a loon.

Phoeny still doesn't get it.

Yeah, right - an "aberration" preceded by the President's lawyers writing memos on its legality?

With or without revisions in the field manuals, the limits on interrogation techniques were changed by Secretary Rumsfeld and, the evidence indicates, by the director of central intelligence, George Tenet, for CIA detainees. The new rules have not been disclosed. But what was done to some prisoners is known, in appalling detail.

The Human Rights Watch report describes, in language that is if anything understated, such things as the killing of Iraqi military officers who were in American custody and were being interrogated. One was Major General Abed Hamed Mowhoush, who had been the chief of Iraqi air defenses. He was captured in October 2003 and died on November 26, 2003, in a US detention facility in Iraq. At first the Pentagon released a death certificate saying that he had died of "natural causes." But after a Denver Post story questioned the circumstances of his death, the Pentagon admitted that an autopsy report said General Mowhoush died of "asphyxia due to smothering and chest compression" and said there was "evidence of blunt force trauma to the chest and legs." The Pentagon said a homicide investigation was underway.

Another Iraqi officer, Lieutenant Colonel Kareem 'Abd al-Jalil, died on January 9, 2004, while at an interrogation facility. The original death certificate said he died of "natural causes... during his sleep." After stories in the Denver Post and on German television indicating that American soldiers had "danced on his belly," the Pentagon issued a new death certificate describing his death as a homicide from "blunt force injuries and asphyxia." Those two were regular Iraqi officers, not terrorists. In American history, until now, flag and field officers of opposing armies were given great respect when captured.

Say, weren't people here complaining about Iraqi terrorists chopping off peoples heads?

Feel free to explain to us the exact moral difference between an Islamic terrorist beheading a prisoner and an American soldier beating a prisoner to death...


Difference? "The Pentagon said a homicide investigation was underway."

Show me the terrorists investigating and prosecuting themselves.

Yes, there are a few bad people in the military. There are bad people in every profession, be it police, teachers, politicians, doctors, union reps, mailmen, grocery store clerks... you name it. The difference is we recognize what is wrong, and try to remedy the situation. But that's not good enough for you.

You, and those like you, seem to have this overwhelming desire to equate the actions of the military and this administration with those of the terrorists-- i.e. "Look! we're just as bad!!"

Fine. You're entitled to your opinion.

I can't figure out if you just hate everything that is Bush/military, or if you're incapable of comprehending the difference between those that wish to protect you, and those that wish to kill you.

Tell us now: Would you rather be held in US Military custody, or be held hostage by terrorists?

What the moonbat er, "Phoenician" doesn't mention in his hysterical little rants is the fact that the individuals that were abusing the prisoners are being prosecuted.

That moron will continue to play the obtuse card, not caring how stupid it makes him look.

With Saddam going on trial, the horrors perpetrated by his regime will make the Abu Graib abuse "scandal" pale in comparison.

But like a good little leftist asshat, "Phoenician" feels compelled to bleat and whimper about how "we're just as bad" even though such comparisons are ridiculous.

From reading his/it's past posts, I'm not surprised.

I just got the updated translation:

Judge-"Mr. Saddam, the court would like to know more about the chemical agents. You know, the ones that you used to get your hair to look so...presidential, today."

Hussein-"First, let me thank the Coalition Provisional Authority for sponsoring my wardrobe, a nice Armani suit from Jordan. It's necessary to understand that ties are no longer needed in situations especially no longer with white dress shirts, as used to be the acceptance"

Judge-"The chemical agents, sir. We asked you about the products you are using"

Hussein-"It's a styling gel, a generic, that is provided in a little plastic bottle in all of the Coalition Provisional Authorities hotel rooms...I mean, cells. But they also have conditioners and these little soaps that have "C.P.A." embossed on them. And they smell like almonds. My skin has really improved as of late."

Judge-"Can you tell us whether you are dying your hair?"

Hussein-"I am the President of Iraq! You tell ME if YOU are dying your hair."

Judge-"You are out of order..."

Hussein-"No, you are...this whole court is out of order. Who would ASK such a question of me? Of ME? You, you who wear a simple $6 dollar crew cut...what did they use, a bowl around your head, boy?"

That's all the transcript I have so far...


"Goodbye Michele, it's hard to die!"

- or -

"Hey Na, Hey Na, my boyfriends Jacque!"