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Fun With Dick

The Dick Cheney photoshop template just keeps giving and giving. It started here, which is my favorite of the whole bunch. I opened it up to the readers here, and these are my three favorites so far. [click for bigger images] 1. Laurence 2. Rob 3. Researcher You, too can have fun with Dick, Rudy and George. And it's equally amusing for liberals, conservatives, Yankee and Sox fans. It's quite versatile too, as you can use it to make your point on everything from hot dogs to war! Help yourself to my Dick and join in the fun. Speaking of captions, check these out. Laugh and the world laughs at you. Or something like that.


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"Have you ever noticed Pataki claps like a little girl?"

Number 3 made me laugh so hard that I startled the guy in the next cubicle. Hands-down winner.

Look, a Dick joke!



(pout ... pout ... )
Larry alway wins.

"Number 3 made me laugh so hard"

Me too.....
No cubicles though....