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Debbie Does Disney

Ok, not Debbie, Jessie. Disney has paid the Jessica half of the Skankette duo a six figure sum for a novel based on her real-life exploits selling her body to dirty old men for extra cash. Well, girls. Why spend all your time and money going to college to earn a degree when you can just get butt fucked by a few politicians and become an overnight sensation, a psuedo celebrity, get profiled in all the biggest newspapers and magazines and make a nice living off of it? And special thanks to Disney for being another cog in the "women are just the sum of the parts of their bodies" wheel.


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Yet another reason to avoid the mouse and all his crappola.

Bet she offerd her ass to the publisher.

NOOOoooooo! Won't those two bild-lilli dolls go away? And did it have to be Disney?

Wonkerelly, Wonkerelly,
Just get butt-f@&*d by a felly
Write the book, and post your pictures
No more dishes,no more mopping
No more sweeping no more dusting

Disney comes a calling
Jessica has got eye-circles
Cause she's very, very dizzy
And they holler
Keep butt-F&*()ng Wonkerelly!

I posted the same general idea here...

Ok, not Debbie, Jessie.

Okay then. Now the little mice are singing "Skankarella."

Some people have all the luck.

Y'know, I'm all for bringing back the concept of shame. Completely behind that.

Maybe Eisner's hoping he can buttfuck them both. He must be tired of buttfucking Senator Mitchell at this point, you know.

I followed the link to Malkin's site. Apparently, the whore will also be in Playboy as well. I suspect Hustler might be closer to her tastes, but I guess Playboy must be willing to shell out.

I've seen many photos of the strumpet, and for the life of me I don't see what the attraction is. Why would anyone pay $400 to do her in an uncomfortable place? She looks like a tranny, for God's sake.

I still think the whole thing is a hoax dreamed up by Wonkette. After all, the only reason to read her is to see if she's referring to butt-fucking again.

Hustler would definitely be more Jess's speed. But knowing her, bukkake is what she truly wants to do.

And I agree with Dianna. I've long thought Wonkette ghost wrote that journal, and Jess decided to be the face of Washingtoin-whatever. Which is odd, considering Jess is even uglier than Ana.

In other news, Disney is not only going to keep Mickey pantsless, but he'll soon be given a full set of male genitalia for the upcoming "The Mouse That Whored!" Disney feature.

Let's see, Disney wouldn't produce Fahrenheit 9/11 but will be producing this...


Not exactly true. Disney produced F-911, but ordered Miramax not to distribute it.

Also, Michael Moore didn't spend a penny of his own money to make the film.

We need a blank voice bubble here:
"Excuse me? You the butt monkey?"

Here's something interesting ... when you type in www.washingtonienne.com you get ... moveon.org. Very odd.

You gotta be kidding me?

Reminds me of the Dilbert cartoon:
Alice: "Thanks for lowering the glass ceiling another couple of feet."
Female worker who just got her way by crying: "Hey, I plan on marrying a rich guy, so why should I care?"


Nope. Give it a try. More than a little strange.

Why would anyone pay $400 to do her in an uncomfortable place?

Where? The back seat of a Volkswagen?

He did her in the ass because she's really a drag queen and doesn't have a vag? ;-)

Okay. NOt for the faint of heart.

Here's the scoop on the Movie.
She's going to be a human cartoon character.

She won't be wearing pants (like Donald Duck) and she'll have a cucumber coming out of her ass, so it looks like a tail.

She'll talk like Donald too. Everything will have a duck sound and sound like "fuck, fuck, fuck"

Disney is fighting hard for a "G" rating.

I agree. The concept of shame is gone.
What's next? Ass factor? A reality show to see what people are willing.... never mind.