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is that a threat?

This is the second time today someone posted my personal info (which has now been changed at Whois). At Pandagon, some cretin named Kate suggested that they look up my info and post it. [big portion of post deleted] Update: Kate has apologized both in email and at Pandagon. End of story.


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I'm pretty sure she wants to get the checks from Richard Scaife out of your mailbox.

And to prove you are Darleen.

And that your lawn gnomes are taking pictures of her in her bathtub through a secret sattelite uplink.

I think she really thinks it is possible you are secret government agent oppressing her.

I like the comment over there about Riverbend being trustworthy because she doesn't "parrot" a party line.

Therefore, among Iraqi blogs, at least:
pro-American="parrot", phony
anti-American="not a parrot", real

Glad we got that straight.

In other news, I believe we have definitive proof of the nonexistence of the "brothers" at Iraq the Model:

They've taken over Tim Blair's column in the "Bulletin", an actual dead-trees newspaper in "Australia" (shyeah, like there's an Australia).

And we all know Tim Blair is really Andrea Harris.

I won't get fooled again!

(I like "Ali's" part best. Well done, Andrea!)

Maybe she needs more effective medications. Or perhaps a better method of taking them....like, say, up her ass.

I'm with you, Michele! I really don't think personal infor (address, phone #) should be posted by others. If ya need some help I have an extra can of 'whoop ass' here if ya need it,,,just holler!!

They're all damned lunatics there. Just check out the thread there; somehow bloggers like Zeyad, Ali, Alaa, Sam, Alaamary, and others must be met with skepticism, but highly anti-American bloggers like Riverbend and Raed are widely accepted by them! I slightly thought it was exaggerated to say that the left ignores or trashes evidence that doesn't suit its agenda, but I'm convinced now. The pro-American Iraqi bloggers have consistently validated Riverbend and Raed and his selfish family, and they, in turn, have validate the pro-Americans. Even the horrific Liminal at the Iraqi Agora (who actually is not Iraqi, but American born and still living here, and radicalized at a university) has admitted he's met with bloggers like Fayrouz. But lefties still come out with this crap.


For a little extra charge per year I believe you can keep your WHOIS information private. I'd say it's definitely worth it.


This is one way to keep WHOIS info private

I haven't used the service personally, although I know somebody who has and I have not heard any complaints.

I use Domains by Proxy, and I'm quite happy with it. I do it precisely to prevent jackasses like Kate from posting my personal information on the Internet and/or locating me.

I use Domains by Proxy and I've been very pleased. I know that if someone wanted to find me bad enough, they could, but this is an extra layer of protection that makes it that much more difficult.

I highly recommend it.

I'd be delighted if some of my trolls came to vist.

Self defense is very easy to prove in Florida.

Could she just be a Red Sox fan?

Michele - stay out of the moon-bat cave and stop swinging the broom around when you're in there.

It drives them crazy.

And for as why they have been up in arms you might want to take a look towards your arch nemisis (TR) and see what he has been stirring up - but thats only what Ashcroft's boys tell me on their off time when you buy them a shit load of drinks [opps, there I go swinging the broom for you] ;-).

Just personally, I thought the apology at Pandagon was weak, and I hope you got a better one via email. But if you're happy, I'm happy!

Try posting under a pseudonym. Mine is "Kevin Parrott."

Over on my own (blogspot, too cheap to pay for blogging) site I post responses to asmallvictory a lot.

Here's an excerpt from over there I'd thought I'd share (since no one's reading my site anyway):

Did you notice that someone actually apologized for something that was rude? In email and where the original bad act occurred.

Not bad at all. A lesson for us all. Screw up? Apologize! Do dirt? Apologize!

Admit, confess, and seek forgiveness.

And, as the Good Lord says, give it.

I only point this out because it's a sort of "man bites dog" story. More often, we get crap like the Ted Ralls and Kos and the rest of that crowd who says blather and nonsense and when it's pointed out, they give it to you worse!

God bless Kate for doing the right thing.

(and added here, God bless michele for being decent enough to end the story there).

This sucks but I am not surprised which is why I used DomainsbyProxy when I moved from Blogspot.
It works real well and is cheap.

I leave my info wide open, hoping some wingnut looks it up... the Glock is always loaded and the Akita is always hungry... and I think there's still room for for another one under the shed...