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Game On: Flaming Voodoo Time

soxbuddy.jpgIt's Game Day. Which means it's time to work the voodoo that I do on days such as this. This is my Red Sox Buddy. I take him with me wherever I go on days that the Yanks are playing the Sox. I actually have many copies of him, as we often like to set him on fire. Tonight, as a special treat, we are going to barbecue. Not the doll, silly. Just regular hamburgers. But we are going to make Boston baked beans. And then we will light our farts on fire and use that fire to enflame our Red Sox Buddy. Maybe later I'll let you catch a glimpse of my Headless Ted doll. If I don't feel the good voodoo vibes coming on strong before game time, I'll have to whip out the cleavage hex. Game Time: 7:05 p.m. EST. I'll be in my backyard using nature's flamethrower to light the passion of the Sox/Yankee rivalry. You're welcome to join us. Just bring a can of Glade air freshener. You think I'm kidding, don't you?


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Why looky here... Andy P. starts for the Disastros tonight.

I can't remember which team he came from. Somewhere on the East Coast, right? ;)

My Yankees hating voodoo doll is way cooler than yours.

Check it out from this post last year:

Note the nasty little genitalia. :)

I guess all that good karma I built up here yesterday is out the window now that the Sox are in the Bronx :)

Let's Go Mets!!!

Barbecue, baked beans, butane lighters and butt cheeks ....
You Long Island chicks are just sick. (I know, I married one.)

Sorry Michele this is genetic...


cleavage hex?

Keep the fire extinguishers handy, and Michele, you are the only woman I know who has ever lit farts.

That's a guy thing. I thought there were no women alive willing to stoop so low.

Er, try something new. Um, yeah. Different.

It's nice to see pics of little kids,,,next to the search term "iraqi's women rape abu ghraib recent photos"

You sick bastards!

How can a team with Tony Clark on the roster honestly expect to win anything?

The real question is, can the Devil Rays catch the Sox for 2nd and perhaps the wild card? Go Rays!! Go Sweet Lou!!

Also, can Nomar catch? Because I hear Posada can play second.

"Bring it on"

I have my broom ready and a Yankees hat hold the dirt from the coming sweep.

Just don't take this beating personally

What're the chances Vazquez doesn't pitch to Damon the rest of the night?

I'd say 100%.

And Nomar's second error of the game leads to three runs for the Yankees. Hmmm ... Maybe he can DH.

umm. nevermind. boy how bout them Devil Rays?

How'd the butt blowtorch experiment go?

Er do the Red Sox really need a hex against them? I mean its not like they every win the World Series. Are Yankees fans that sad they have to pick on a team that hasn't won the WS since the early 20th century.

Sports fans are a sad bunch (just look at England soccer fans) but none are more pathetic than Yankee fans.

No, because you yourself have told the world how mentally unbalanced you are. And we believe you, you angry lesbian. (Michelle also admitted to being gay)

Didn't you once play "womens" softball?

Tristram, what the hell are you going on about? When did I admit to being gay? And no, I did not play softball and why do you have the word "womens" in quotations like that?

Just how much of a dick are you, anyhow?