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More Gmail for a Worthy Cause

Come on, you know you want that Gmail account. Gmail is the new black! Having a Gmail account will make you prettier, smarter and get you more booty than Wilt Chamberlain on Viagra. Honest. That's why you need one now. What's that? You can only get one with an invite? Well, then. You are in-vi-ted! All you have to do to score one of these preciousssss invites is donate five dollars or more to the family of Dan Eggers. Full information is on this earlier post. Chris O'Donnell already gave away six. I gave away two. Faith gave out her last invite for this cause. Mary Pat has two to offer. (Mary Pat's invites have been taken) Charlie has a couple to give away. Reader Cobby would like to give you a Gmail account in exchange for you donation, as would Zomby boy. Update: Zomby Boy gave away two of his four invites to donaters. Like I said, it's a very worthy cause. Just go look at the picture of Dan Eggers' son. Bill is keeping his fund drive open until he raises $3,000 for the Eggers family. He's halfway there. Let's help him out. And you can get a cool, hip, sexy Gmail account in return. If you are interested in getting one of the Gmail accounts in return for a donation, just go to Bill's site, hit the donation button and forward your receipt to me. I'll then hook you up with one of the wonderful people who are offering up their invites. Thanks.


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Is this something I actually want?

I think I have about twelve email accounts already.

I don't think I could possibly be any prettier.

Am I the only person on the planet who doesn't have one of these GMails?

I know that I'm not the only one who doesn't want one.

Hey laurence - quit being a curmudge and donate! If you drop some money in the till I'll send you a special certificate that prevents you from ever getting G-mail.

Michele, I've got six invites for this awesome cause Let me know if you need them as incentive!

Why would I want an email account where everything I send or recieve goes to Ashcroft? (If you haven't read up on the privacy implications of Gmail, do).

Hey, Laurence and Ian - I'm just trying to help out a family here. Stop pissing on my idea.

besides, Laurence and Ian are wrong about the way Gmail works. If Ashcroft wanted to read your yahoo mail or your hotmail, or your ISP email, he could. He doesn't want to read about your mortgage opportunities, or your viagra offers, or your letters from the wives and sons of former African dictators.

Email correspondence is vulnerable no matter where your email address is.

I'm not pissing on the idea (it's a fantastic cause and I'll be donating after work), I just find the prize off-putting.

I have 3 invites left if you want to offer them.

Jeez, for a minute, I thought we were talking about Dave Eggers! I kept wondering why we were supposed to send him money.

I'm very slow.

I cc everything to Ashcroft already.

I use a UK email address and their privacy laws are VERY tough, I'm not sure that I would want an email account that targeted advertising at me and could be sold to a company that flogs viagra.

Suppose somebody started spamming you with emails containing the word Anus, imagine what kind of adverts google would send to your in box.

Pile cream
Anal thrush remedies
Male pornography
Anti Moore novels
sexual supplies
Bob Anus self help CDs

Ths list gets weirder and weirder

Michele - I made a donation - thanks for posting the links. I'm not sure where to locate your email address so that I can forward you the receipt (sorry, I'm relatively new to the whole blog thing, and I just don't see an email for you anywhere). Would you please let me know where I can contact you?


OK Can I change my request? Would you please delete my last comment? Ha! Just stumbled upon the little envelope icon about 5 seconds too late. Sorry! Email forthcoming.

Am I the only person on the planet who doesn't have one of these GMails?