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Don't really know what it's off topic off, as this is a new post and the topic can really be whatever I want it to be. That said, the topic right now is how much I enjoy those motorcycle building shows. All of them. I suppose it's too late in life to become a biker chick, but I don't think biker chick is what I would go for, anyhow. I'm more like the chick who sits home on the couch eating a gallon of ice cream and drinking a bottle of cheap wine while watching guys on tv work on a motorcycle. It's a lot safer than actually being the biker chick as I don't actually have to ride on the bike. Also, you don't need a helmet to eat ice cream. Plus, I really don't look that great in a sleeveless denim jacket, tattoos and leather pants. But I'm real handy with a switchblade. Yea, it's too late to be the biker chick. Which is why I'll just watch tv.


You could still get a cool helmet though. I mean, you can't eat ice-cream ALL day can you?

"Also, you don't need a helmet to eat ice cream."

You've never seen a birthday party at our house, obviously. There's a reason I've never uploaded pictures of such events...

It's never too late to be a biker chick. I've known quite a few women who became them late in life. In fact, with a little elbow grease and some shovels, some women become biker chicks posthumously. Hell, with a few surgeries in Sweden, some guys can become biker chicks.

But if you get that damned Joan Jett haircut...

American Chopper rules because Paul Sr. has the coolest facial hair of any "star" on TV.

And Paul Jr is a hottie.

Something must be wrong with my "Favorites" links, 'cus I hit the one for Michele and got Jeff G instead.

LOL anyway.

You're not alone. My wife, who I would bet has never even sat on a motorcycle, much less ridden one, has enjoyed watching American Chopper since it began airing. Her life could not be further from "biker chick", and yet the Tivo records every episode. :-)

"It's a lot safer than actually being the biker chick as I don't actually have to ride on the bike."

You don't have to hang out with all those fat, hairy, excessively tattooed men, either.

Unless you're, uh, into that sort of thing.

I LOVE "American Chopper". My hubby & I have been watching it since the beginning. Now I'm into the bike building competition on Discovery too. And Monster Garage with Jesse James from my old hometown of Long Beach, CA.

I think Vinnie is the hottie.

I love all those shows. Especially when Paul Sr. gets cranky (which is, oh, 3 times an episode).

So I'm on the freeway the other day and see this chick riding this big ass harley, with the ape hanger handlebars, (think any of the choppers on American Chopper). Very cute blondie, huge rack, tiny everywhere else, looked like she could kick your ass, and her underarms are flapping in the breeze!!!!!!
There comes a time when the bike helmet needs to be hung up, and when you are old enough to get wind resistance from your arms, that would be it. Or at least wear some sleeves.
Or with gas prices going up, I guess that might come in handy to glide a little wherever you're going. Depending on how much your upper arms sag. She woulda shit had she known I'd bet. It was pretty funny in a sick kinda way.

"Especially when Paul Sr. gets cranky"

Cranky? Paul Sr. has two level of anger 3Mile Island and Chernobyl.

Worst thing I ever saw him do was to cut Vinnie's hours because he couldn;t control his own son. Most of the time his outbursts are hilarious, but I thought that was just wrong.

Hey, don't get me started.

I would watch these shows more often if they featured more real bike builders --Indian Larry, Chopper Dave, Cole Foster, my Iowa homie Bill Mize. Instead, they focus on the contrived personality conflict bullshit.

The worst offender is the uniformly awful "American Choppers." Whatever its value as turgid melodrama, it features the absolute worst in chopper design -- i.e., crappy, overpriced, S&S/EvoTec/RevTech powered 1-800 bolt-on billet abortions with 12" tires and 12' forks. Fugly, overdone, unrideable junk for fringe-festooned Hell's Accountants.

Deduct extra points for the "theme bike" stupidity: The Helicopter Chopper! The Submarine Chopper! The Circus Calliope Chopper! The funniest episode of that show was when Jay Leno commissioned OCC to build a chopper themed on a Brough Superior: I thought their heads would implode, trying to make a motorcycle that looked like an actual motorcycle.

Now Jesse James, he I can take; although he builds hi-$ bikes, he's an old school biker gang dirtbag at heart, with topnotch metal fab skills. He gets extra points for featuring hotrodder/biker legends like Bill Hines and Gene Winfield. And since he was married to a porn star, even the drama crap is kinda interesting.

IF I were going to go for the tattoo thing, I think I would have to do the Harley Banner on my upper arm. And on the banner it would say "Born to be Wild; Got Sidetracked".

I think it would be the only tattoo in America with a semicolon.

I can't get the image of you eating ice cream with a helmet on, now. I think I will title the image...

"Extreme Ice Cream"

as someone already commented, it's never too late. but, don't become a biker chick, become a woman motorcyclist. skip the sleeveless garments and the tattoos. take a motorcycle safety foundation course, get yourself a real bike, real motorcycle gear, and GO RIDE. you'll find a lot of like-minded women out there.

and you can get the coolest tee-shirt i know of (i can't wear it, since i'm a guy and it just wouldn't seem right):


I love those shows too. I ride, but I ride a sport bike, not a cruiser. Yet, I enjoy watching them build the latest creation.

BTW, it is not too late to do anything, including becoming a biker chick if that's what you want to do.

orange county choppers r awesome paulsr cute hunky mikey is hilarious paul jr is hot the choppers r awesome what more can u ask from a chopper show?

orange county choppers r awesome paulsr cute hunky mikey is hilarious paul jr is hot the choppers r awesome what more can u ask from a chopper show?