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Gmail Give Away Update

Chris still has four Gmails to give away in exchange for your donation to the Eggers family. Update: Chris only has one none left! Thanks, Chris and all who donated through him. Faith is also offering her last invite in return for a donation. (Update, Faith's offer has been taken. Thank you, anonymous generous person). See here for details. Mary Pat has two Gmail accounts to offer. Charlie also has a few to give away. Please drop a note in the comments or email me if you want to take any of these people up on their generous offers. It's for a good cause.


I've got 1 left - Chad Harris and Jay Carruso both anted up.

I'm out. Patrick Sennett picked up my last invite with a generous, well beyond the minimum, donation.

Are there more left? Where do I send the paypal donation?

IN need of couple of Gmail invites.PLease help!

In need of couple of Gmail invites.PLease help!
my email is acedoc at doctor dot com

If anyone can spare an ex reg a gmail invite I would appreciate it

ex 51RAR Nth QLD