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More GMail Invites


Chris O'Donnell, in his usual kind and generous manner, has offered up his six remaining Gmail invites to continue with today's offer. Same as before. Donate five dollars or more to the family of Dan Eggers. Forward your receipt to Chris: chrisod@gmail.com. Then Chris will send your Gmail invite. The photo is of Dan Eggers' son, at his father's funeral. Am I tugging at your heartstrings? Damn straight, I am.

[If you have Gmail invites to give away and you want to do it this way, please email me (use the enevlope icon to the left)]


5 left. Thank you to Arlye Poweleit for the generous donation several times above and beyond the $ 5 minimum.

I made a donation in the amount of what it would cost to take myself and a friend to see Farenheit 911. Everytime one of my uber-liberal friends asks when I'll be going to see that moron's film, I reply 'When Hell freezes over. I'd rather give my money to a good cause than give it to that bloviating fool Michael Moore.' And this seems like an opportunity to make good on that statement.

No Gmail needed for me, though. I'm fine with my existing accounts.

4 left. Thank you to Jim Fuerstenberg

3 left. Thank you to Brian Wohlgemuth

Do you still have any Gmail invites left? Could I possibly have one? thanks

I am having a GMAIL GIVEAWAY. Go here for it: http://theplaceforitall.com/gmail.htm

I will be posting invites ALL week!!

I have 6 invites. Email me if you wish to have gmail account.

can i have one?

Hello, can you sent me a gmail invite..thanks much.

Hello, can you sent me a gmail invite. Thank you for your generiosity.

Hello, can you sent me a gmail invite..thanks much.

Hello, can you sent me a gmail invite..thanks much.

I would like an invite too please. Thanks

I would like to have one to, please
thanks again

I would like an invite please

Hey. I feel like a damsel in distress without a gmail account. Will you make my wishes come true and send me an invite. I'll love you forever.