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Iraqis Control "Their Own Destiny"

bq. At a small ceremony Monday morning inside the heavily guarded Green Zone area of Baghdad, Iraq’s chief American administrator, Paul Bremer, reading a statement, turned over legal documents to interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, officially giving Iraqis long-awaited sovereignty.
“We welcome Iraq’s steps to take its rightful place with equality and honor among the free nations of the world,” said Mr. Bremer. Why wait? Two days early, the handover happens. Congratulations, Iraqis. Update: The moonbats would like to thank Michael Moore and F911 for making today's ceremony happen. Really. Oh, people of Iraq? The liberals over at that link don't seem very happy for you. In fact, they think your freedom is a joke. Isn't that sweet of them? Update: My favorite line so far comes from the Metafilter thread on the subject: Ugh. Now every time Bush refers to the handover, he'll be able to say "accomplished ahead of schedule." posted by scarabic at 12:50 AM PST on June 28 Translate: The hell with you Iraqi people and your damn freedom. If it helps Bush, it disgusts me! Also, it seems pretty clear that the early handover was meant to pre-empt Michael Moore's big news week. Right. Turn the screws on that foil a bitter tighter, guys. It's not working.


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First off, congratulations to the Iraqis.

Second, this is clever in several ways. Most significantly, it does tend to kind of cut the insurgents off, doesn't it? It's a done deal, now.

Yep. The handover is done. Our boys (and girls) are coming home....


Weren't you going to stop political postings because you're a mentally unbalanced freak? Am I the only one who remembers that?

Please Michelle, I implore you...

Welcome to the World, Free Iraq.

I was getting dressed at 3:30 AM (ET) and was watching the news. What a way to start a week!

For months, as the violence increased, the critics questioned whether the handover could happen on schedule. I always said believed it would be better to happen an hour earlier than a minute later.

Guess the terrorists were caught napping...


No one wants our boys and girls home more than I do.

But I am still waiting for their return from Japan, France, Germany, So. Korea.

I know the job they're doing is real and necessary. Just like Iraq.

I agree, Michele; two days early just probably caught the opposition unawares. Now, let the games begin,,,

it's time we sent them YANKEE BASEBALL.

(skipping off to the side to do a hamster dance. La-di-friggin-LA)

Your DU link makes this the best of the handover post I've seen so far!

This is a triumph of perception over substance. Sure, it's a step in the right direction and will bolster the position of rational Iraqis while hurting the 'insurgents' (plenty of reason right here) but for most part it's spin.

Consider that the unelected Iraqi government cannot make or change existing laws created by the Coalition Provisional Authority. Western civilian contractors have immunity from Iraqi law. The United States remains responsible for security, and even when they hold elections CPA law prevents certain candidates (the criteria isn't all that clear) from running.

It's a nice piece of propaganda but considering we basically hand picked them and have removed any real power from them, it's hard to consider this a triumph of Democracy. Clearly it's better than what they had and I understand this is the beginning of a process but in terms of day to day governance it's not going to change very much.

Ironic that on the last day in power the I.C. issued a decree assuring itself of seats in the new government and a hand in picking most of the other seats to be filled.

Will be interesting to see if the Iraqi people once they become aware of this will accept the new government.

Michele, thanks for the great post! Take that, insurgents and Michael Moore.

Bet the moonbats are choking on their cornflakes this morning.

Weren't you going to stop political postings because you're a mentally unbalanced freak?

Odd, I thought it was because she was tired of all the mentally imbalanced freaks trolling her comments section. Or perhaps your dribblings lead me to wonder if that was the real reason.

Now, let us see if the Iraqis can protect themselves. I say shut down the country for a month. Keep the citizens under tight wraps, and then maybe the new Iraqi government will truly have control of it's country. I think this is just a small step in a big problem, although it was a smart move to do it early... Congratulations Iraq!

This is the first blog I've read after a long hiatus, and a very good way to start.

Welcome to the World, Iraq.

Tristman, dear. I almost missed your wonderful comment.

Patrick pretty much summed it up for me, but I could reiterate.

The assinitity of you and yours caused me to stop blogging politics for a bit. Then I remembered all the laughs I got from you and your kind and they far outweighed the frustration I get from dealing with you.

Laughter is the best medicine! I'm cured!!

Tristman: The rage-filled, hate-filled assholes who are shitting all over the Iraqi people just because their anti-Bush partisanship exceed their patriotism is why Michele nearly quit, and why several other people including me decided to quit.

But pointing out what fucktards and unpatriotic shitheads you guys are is why so many of us go into political blogging in the first place. And you're so predictably funny anyway, why get mad at you? It's not like you aren't a bunch of paint-by-numbers jokesk anyway.

It hurts to have people point out what you're really all about, doesn't it?

Dean, great to see you here. I'm hoping the troll's comments have provided Michele the inspiration she needs to continue political blogging.

I've just started blogging myself (just celebrated 2mos) so I guess I'm lucky, haven't had time to get burned out yet. Posts like the one from "it" above remind me why it's worth it.

Thirty odd years under a murderous despot and the left, which did its damnedest to keep Saddam in power now demand that Iraq resemble a SmallTown, USA and if it doesn't "it's a quagmire! it's a faaaiillluuuurree! it's all Bushitler's fault!"

The left predicted massive, wanton civilian slaughter at the start of the war, and when it didn't take place they then pointed fingers and screeched that the "utter defeat" of Iraq should have taken place to avoid violence from "insurgents" while at the same time encouraging "insurgents" and wishing for their "success" in killing Americans and other coalition partners and yet trying to squeeze out a few crocodile tears when terrorists kidnap and saw off the heads of Americans ...

Such whipsawing has the left in full blown psychosis, reinventing their past position with each turn of the future.

The hell with a 5150, most lefties deserve a 1368 hearing!

Oh, Dean? This is OT, but in light of your post, I have to pass this on. Can't really explain it ahead of time, but believe me, it's worth it!


Hey Al,
Where do you get those "instant country" pills. Your post was, speaking historically, ignorant. I think that a little perspective is needed in your case. Iraq has had democratic elections for months now and most politicians there are elected. It is the national government that is taking a longer time (yet not historically long), considering the number of nations that want an unstable Iraq, like France, I am surprised that it has gone so well and quickly.

it's time we sent them YANKEE BASEBALL.

For God's sake, haven't they suffered enough?

Happy Birthday, free Iraq.

I hope---but I'm not at all confident---that the new Iraqi gov't won't be just a puppet of the US oil industry.

Then again, I'm hoping that next January we'll have an Ameerican gov't that isn't just a puppet of the US oil industry.

(rolling eyes) Right, Don. If Kerry wins, we'll have a "government" (just to let you know, the president is NOT the government, but I'll use your term) that's a puppet of the labor movement and entertainment industry.

But, hey, at least he won't be a puppet of those evil oil companies.