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Farenheit 72 over here.

The new found enjoyment of having my own backyard combined with incredibly pleasant weather has kept me from my appointed blog rounds. And so shall it be as long as the weather cooperates. However, I had to stop in to direct you to an astounding review of Farenheit 9/11. Three words: Deep. Fried. Mink. Oh, yea: Matsui!!


Jeff's the shahizzle!

No only is that link the best review that I have yet read of Fahrenheit 911, it is one of the best movie reviews of anything that I have ever read, a truly remarkably insightful review that reveals the kind of deep thinking that went into make the film. Thanks for linking to it.

"my own backyard"

Few words in the world are sweeter than those. Revel in it, Michele.

...I'm hungry just imagining the sweet furry crispness.

That's the best you got?

F911 smashes box office records for a doco, gets an endorsement from Dale Earnhardt Jr and doubles its filming costs and you got.... fat jokes?

yeah, you guys are going to beat Kerry in November... fat jokes always win elections.

agreed. this is just one big bitchfest.

But Michael Moore is like a Honda Element with a microphone, you have to admit.

An endorsement from Dale Earnhardt Jr?? That's supposed to make me excited? Angry? What? Who the hell cares?

F911 is based on lies, innuendos and conspiracy theories and held together with bandages known as creative editing.

So Michael Moore for is raking in the bucks off this film. Good. I love capitalism. It even looks good on Moore.

So, do you guys have to turn in your sense of humor when you join the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy?

Dale Earnheart Jr.! Well, that changes everything! Michael Moore is my new guru! Hari Rama Rama Rama Rama Hari Fatty Rama...

I notice those brave trolls with the faux emails are sniveling and whining again because ...

such brave boys ... would you like some cheese and crackers to go along with the whine?

last time I published my real email address here, I got savaged by knuckledraggers and True Patriots™ for a month.

I try to never get into an argument with someone that produces bile by the barrel.

See the movie, then bitch about it. I saw it last night. Lies? Innuendo? Half truths? I didn't see anything about Bushco that I hadn't already seen on the news. In addition to that, I saw more real footage from Iraq and conversations with soldiers than I have seen on the 'real' news since the war started.

See the movie. We'll meet back here and discuss.

That whole Dale, Jr thing? That's filed under "erosion of the core constituency." Bush loses NASCAR fans, what's he got left? Kenneth Lay's squash club? In his own words, "The haves and the have mores"? And you know those folks have your (and my) best interests in mind...

As for losing my sense of humor...


Why didn't Hitler drink tequila?

it made him mean...

I brought this for you guys: (it's a review from the NY Times website of the film in question)

Rattled one Republican, June 25, 2004
Reviewer: angeredux
They came to boo and heckle. Instead, they sat stupified as the evidence, clearly unrefutable as it played before their eyes, hammered at them until one elderly woman member of the group, who later told me she thought she had voted for Jesus's president (this is the Deep South), just erupted into tears at the sight of some of the collateral damage we left in Iraq. There was no heckling amongst that group of Evangelical Republicans. I spoke to them after the movie. Even the hardest cases answered my own distress with stony silence.

I am a Republican and I came to see this film with my wife so that I would have some intelligent criticism to level at the Michael Moore fans I work with. I was expecting a sloppy, fuzzy, highly manipulated treatment. Instead, Bush Administration damns itself through its own actions, its own words, its own lies...all documented for prosperity. Is the film biased? Hell, yes. But I can't see how any reasonable person would call this propaganda. It is documentary fact told by a man with a specific agenda in telling it. But there it is on the screen.Fact. It can't be explained away. And as for criticism that the film is disrespectful to President Bush; well, after what we did to Clinton I would expect W. to take the heat like a man. The only problem is that the Clinton issue was nothing to the moral breach of this administration.

Every Republican should see it before he casts his vote this November. It changed my vote.

BANZAI! ... Sierra!

And who gives a damn about what a guy who drives around in circles has to say? He's a freakin' busted watch: twice he'll be right. But most of the day going on, he's all wrong.

Michael Moore sure must like canoles.

Michael Moore sure must like canoles.

"That whole Dale, Jr thing? That's filed under "erosion of the core constituency." Bush loses NASCAR fans, what's he got left? Kenneth Lay's squash club?"

We'll take Zell Miller and a host of southern democrats, you take Mr. Fasty Zoomzoom.

Ahhh the NYT finds a GOPer who loves Michael Moore. Next up interviews with the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus and that Democrats for Bush group.

Where's Greg Packer when the NYT need him?