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Yankee/Met Game: My Just Punishment

Yea, yea. So the Mets won. Listen, I told you that I would probably regret my boasting and goading, but the boasting and goading is half the fun of a rivalry. Anyhow, I was dutifly punished for my sins of arrogance. Witness this short movie from my cousin's graduation party yesterday. This is what I was subjected to for about four straight hours. The ringleader is my father. My sister says I should title this movie Dad and His Mental Equals. Two games today. Bring it, beeyotches.


Your father is a very wise man, he would make a fine member of the Alliance, if he had a blog.

Lets go Mets!

Headcase has his family now ... it's put up or "Fat Toad" Time.

Does anyone doubt that the Mets are going to drop both games today? Anyone?

Allah, the most merciful.

I firmly believe that the Mets will win at least one game today. Contreras will be distracted because he had to quickly dump the girlfriends when his wife escaped, and Mussina has been mediocre all year long. Ginter has kept the Mets in each of his starts and Trachsel is a damn fine pitcher.

Just watched the video. Your dad fucking RULES.

we're coming for you, McCabe, you infidel.
Oh, back-to-back HRs kinda takes the steam out of your shorts. And Contreros being such a happy sap, he's gone strike-happy.

Oh my God, Michele. "My dad and his mental equals" That's hilarious.

And I think I love your dad!


Did you pick this frame on purpose? Without viewing the movie, it looks like DJ has just coldcocked your father with a right hook to the chin!

That's exactly what he was doing, JFH. Someone had to defend the honor of the Yanks!

Seems they did a good job of defending it all by themselves....winning both games and all.

"Daddy and The Indfedels"

spelling screwed on poirpose.