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Ridiculous Item of the Day #2: Let's Not Offend Our Enemies!

bq. Israeli-made bullets bought by the U.S. Army to plug a shortfall should be used for training only, not to fight Muslim guerrillas in Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. lawmakers told Army generals on Thursday.
Since the Army has other stockpiled ammunition, "by no means, under any circumstances should a round (from Israel) be utilized," said Rep. Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii, the top Democrat on a House of Representatives Armed Services subcommittee with jurisdiction over land forces. Got that? No Jew bullets! bq. Although the Army should not have to worry about "political correctness," Abercrombie was making a valid point about the propaganda pitfalls of using Israeli rounds in the U.S.-declared war on terror, said Rep. Curt Weldon, the Pennsylvania Republican who chairs the subcommittee on tactical air and land forces.
"There's a sensitivity that I think all of us recognize," Weldon told the Army witnesses, including Maj. Gen. Buford Blount, who led the U.S. Third Infantry Division that captured Baghdad in April 2003. Yes, we must be sensitive towards the people who are trying to kill our soldiers and the people who are trying to kill innocent Iraqis. It is imperitave that we not offend them with Jew bullets. So, is it ok for the terrorists and insurgents to be shot by Jewish soldiers, or should we put them all in non-combat positions? Just asking.

Spoons has more. So does Allah, who has two great posters to go with the story, including the one pictured right. Silent Running also weighs in. Update: As always, Jeff brings something interesting to the conversation table.


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It sounds silly, but we should also remember that one of the major flashpoints for the Indian Mutiny was the allegation - just an allegation mind you - that the grease on the newfangled cartridges issued to the Sepoys was made from cows.

So yes, it can pay to pander to prejudices.

What is really ridiculous is that we've only one military ammo plant left active, Lake City. More ridiculous is that training and operational budgets were cut back so far during the '90s that units couldn't replace ammo expended in training to the extent that they shot it up.
Now these congresscritters, who presided over all this, don't want our guys to use the IMI headstamped ammo in the sandbox. Next they'll complain that the Korean ammo will give any Jihadi shot with it an uncontrollable urge to hack off heads.
How long before the troops are reduced to pointing a finger and yelling KAPOW?

Slogan contest here.

I'm trying to think of a parallel situation involving the terrorists, and what they'd do.

Hmmm....something that would be "offensive" to Americans that could be used as a weapon.

I can't think of one right now (other than, maybe, French-made ordnance), but I bet they'd use it if they had it. And they'd probably make a big point that they were using it.

Actually, I have to admit, I think there's something poetically just about using Israeli bullets against Islamofascists who'd like nothing more than to wipe Israel off the face of the map...

I'm trying to think of how it could offend sensibilities. The only ones that could be offended are the people that are on the business end of a gun, ie., people we would want dead. Who gives a shit what the dead think?

Now I've heard everything.

Michele, this is very funny. Did you get this idea from The Onion or Scrappleface or did you make it up yourself. It is a joke, right ...

David..the Sepoy Mutiny case is interesting, but I don't think it's a good parallel to the current case. The Sepoy mutiny involved issuing religiously-questionable cartridges to your own troops whereas this case involves firing politically incorrect cartridges at the enemy. Clearly, offending your own troops is a different matter than offending the enemy (who are presumably already offended; otherwise they wouldn't be the enemy)

Just to correct some information in David T's post about the Sepoy Mutiny in India: it wasn't grease derived from cows, it was grease from pigs that was the problem. The sepoys were mainly Sikhs from the northwestern provinces of India---what's now Pakistan and the surrounding areas, and as we all know, Sikhs are Muslims.

This is just one example of how a rumor can start a massacre---or at least how a rumor can give someone an excuse to flare up. There was never any swine-derived grease used for the cartridges, or so protested the British Army. I can't remember exactly where I read this, but the Bristish Army did do an investigation after all was said and done and they proved they were in the clear.

This is the kind of thing that will hurt us as we try to win this war... political corectness. We need to fight to win, we should not care what bullets we use. I can see it now Zarquwi was shoot by a bullet stamped 'Jew' on it, and the world community and media are screaming foul. How dare the infidels kill, this head chopping fanatic, with a bullet made in Israel. Ridiculous, simply riduculous.

There is a vivid portrayal of the Sepoy Mutiny in the novel "Flashman in the great game." The (English) hero, who is hiding from enemies, is undercover and is himself attempting to pass as a Sepoy. So he sees the folly of British administrators, military, and missionaries from the Indian side. Very good reading.

So are non-Jewish bullets considered Goyammunition?

This is actually a good idea. Don't tease animals or crazy people, and try not to push anyone off the fence. Don't leave a bunch of brass laying around with Israeli marking on them.

This is not to avoid offending terrorists, it is to avoid antogonizing that average Habib on the street that might otherwise be sympathetic to the coalition, or at least indifferent. We want to keep the docile ones docile while we focus on killing our primary targets with as little distraction as possible.

Yes, this plays to their prejudices, but that's what we have to do. I'm happy to see a good machiavellian grasp of psyops in action, especially when we are trying to pacify a nation of conspiracy nuts. I do this all the time dealing with true crazy people as an EMT, just pretend to understand about the voices until backup shows up.

All this is doing is putting Israeli ammo in the training part of the supply chain instead of the operational part. This frees up all the domestic ammo to go to the battlefield. Nobody is going to go wanting for ammo.

Kathy, You might want to check your facts: Sikhs are Sikhs, not Muslims. The Sikh religion has taken elements of Islams, and Hinduism, and made a synthesis. But they most assuredly do not consider themselves Muslim.

The "target" of the sensitivity is not the guys on the receiving end of the bullets. It's all the others, who will see this as another "proof" that the US and Israel work in lock-step.

I fail to see the point in giving people who are thowing stones at you another pile of stones. This isn't stupid.

Hatcher and Britton: The whole point is "We won the battle to save your ass. Show some gratitude. If you don't like it, tough shit. You lost."

We should not cater to their prejudices and bigotry. If they don't like it, they are no better than the enemy.

If using a little psychology will make things easier on our guys over there (which will probably include me in a couple of months) then it is a good thing. Period.

It leaves a little to be desired in the righteous indignation area, but the mission is everything. Suck it up.

Sorry, Britton. Sucking up to anti-Semites to make them like us is sickening.

This is ridiculous. Going out of your way to offend the sensibilities of Joe Iraqi (or Joe Muslim) or whoever is one thing; Segregating your ammo based on the enemy's prejudices (or even the prejudices of the people you're fighting) is quite another.

Fuck 'em. Aren't they already scandalized by women in uniform? Are we going to send all the female soldiers to Germany or South Korea so we can bring the men there to Iraq lest we horrify and scandalize the locals? If not, this is a load of crap.

I'm reminded of the story (possibly apochryphal, possibly not) of hte British officer who ordered an end to the custom of suttee (burning brides on their husband's funeral pyres) in India. The Indians objected, claiming that suttee was a cultural custom. He replied that it was his culture's custom to hang men by the neck until dead when they did things like that. So they were free to practice their customs, and he was free to practice his.

I think there's a lesson there. And our custom is not to give a damn whether the ammo that kills a muslim lunatic is US made or Israeli made.

Britton, if you end up in the sand box , keep your head up and trust no one that isn't coalition. Sometimes ugly things come in pretty packages. I hope, that you don't end up over there. Watch out for those bullets stamped made in Israel. That would make a great suvenior.

"who will see this as another "proof" that the US and Israel work in lock-step."

Just link to this comment on LGF

"Virtually all advanced military optics have been developed and produced in Israel. They are used in US military equipment, night-vision goggles, line sights and on aircraft and drones. If the (completely twisted) "logic" holds that the US military shouldn't use Israeli bullets....."

Which leaves us where?

Hey, your already stomping on somebodies country, why make things worse by shooting them with bullets made by somebody that they hate more than you.

Using these bullets could cause even more upset, and in reality when the militants will use any reason whatsoever to raise a mob, you don't want to give them anything to use against you.