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Mr. Met, Mr. Vet (and a note to Devil Ray fans)

A note to Devil Ray fans: Your team is only five behind the Red Sox. It would be very smart of you to cheer on the Yanks when they face the Sox this week. If we put all of our good vibes together, we can double whammy Boston with our nefarious groupthink. Meanwhile, Allah sends proof that Mr. Met was indeed Mr. Vet. MrVet.jpg I'm not buying it. Looks to me like he was trying to do the YMCA, not plant a flag. I mean, he might have served, I'm not doubting that. But in what capacity? Entertainment director? And just how old is that deranged bobblehead, anyhow? Update: Those are not the Devil Rays! It's Farenheit 1918!


Look, we got the Stanley Cup and a Superbowl Championship, but it'll be a cold day in hell before we have to worry about the Ray's getting close to the World Series.

Don't know exact date, all I know is he's the oldest(and first) mascot in sports history

It's curious that we never see Mr. Met and Jack in the Box ™ in the same place....

Nice try! But it won't works. I'm a Sox fan, now living in the Tampa sports watershed. We're too smart for crap like you're trying to pull here.

Can't wait 'til September!

PS: I live across the street from the Red Sox A-League home stadium. It's great!

Damn, too late - Sharp as a marble beat me to the punch!!

Tampa Bay will freeze over before we see the Rays in a real run of any kind - except maybe a beer run.